Taking Turns Deck-Tech

Arran Sahota | 31st May 2018

Another deck-tech already! Spoiling you guys really.

Below is the way I have been playing Taking Turns and how I ended up with this decklist. I haven’t been playing this deck properly for a very a long time and currently have only taken it to three FNMS, which I will cover in this post. The deck itself has a sideboard that is always changing and I’m still really thinking of what I need to put in.

Here is what I have at the moment, and I’ll tell you what, it’s amazingly fun to play.


1x Laboratory Maniac
1x Elixir of Immortality
3x Fatal Push
4x Serum Visions
4x Remand
3x Howling Mine
4x Dictate of Kruphix
2x Exhaustion
3x Cryptic Command
1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
4x Time Warp
3x Path the Waterveil
4 Temporal Mastery


2 Drowned Catacomb
1 Inkmoth Nexus
4 Polluted Delta
3 Watery Grave
2 Swamp
10 Island


1 Fatal Push
2 Cast Down
1 Damnation
2 Thoughtseize
1 Surgical Extraction
3 Swan Song
3 Gigadrowse
1 Jace Beleren
1 Thassa, God of the Sea

The Basics

So the deck functions off a bunch of extra card draw effects such as Howling Mine and Dictate of Kruphix, this helps you keep your steam for the deck to keep flowing, and without the extra draws you build up the deck falls apart. We don’t worry about them drawing the extra cards as they will only get a turn or two out of it if they’re lucky. Exhaustion and Cryptic Command are vital to either stop their lands coming back or just tapping their team down. Time Warp, Part the Waterveil and Temporal Mastery are our big extra turn effects which then completely lock the other person out and lets you just take enough extra turns to get the win. Your win for game one will mainly revolve around Laboratory Maniac, or awaken on your Inkmoth Nexus and if the game still goes on too long and both creatures have somehow been exiled. You also have Jace, the Mind Sculptor who you can tick up to ensure those miracles as well as your Elixir of Immortality which gives you the backup to shuffle your graveyard back in to your library, if need be, and get your Time Warps back as it doesn’t exile.

The Deck Breakdown

Image result for laboratory maniac
Laboratory Maniac |$7.69 SCG

This card will be the main win con to for your first match, It throws a lot of people off when you get yourself down to ten cards and then you play Laboratory Maniac at the last possible moment, even though they haven’t had a turn in while. This is a long way to win but it’s also a safe way as by the time this is played you should be able to counter anything they may try to cast to kill it.

Image result for Elixir of Immortality mtg
Elixir of Immortality | $0.39 SCG

The one copy of Elixir of Immortality is to give you the option to put back your cards from your graveyard into your library, kind of as a last resort. As Time Warp doesn’t exile you can literally take turns forever, the land will be filtered out your deck, Serums Visions will go back in your deck, Exhaustion and Cryptic Commands, also Elixir of Immortality goes back in as well. When you’re drawing eight cards a turn you’re always able to find a Time Warp or find a way to get to it. Then, of course, you can loop the Elixir as many times as you like.

Image result for Fatal push mtg
Fatal Push | $6.99 SCG

Not a lot to say about this card as it has become such a staple in the format pretty much kills everything except the odd cards such as Gurmag Angler or Tasigur, and the Golden Fang but besides that, with the revolt trigger you can pretty much stop any creature.

Image result for Serum Visions mtg
Serum Visions | $3.99 SCG

Serums Visions helps you sift through your deck quicker, and can also set up miracles for following turns.

Image result for Remands mtg
Remand | $7.49 SCG

Steady tempo putting a card back in their hand after they use all their mana this turn and draw that extra card, you kindly set yourself up for having a strong turn two counter. The card proves to work really well in this deck and there used to be two of them, but pushing up to four really gives you more control.

Image result for Howling Mine mtg
Howling Mine | $4.99
Image result for Dictate of Kruphix Mtg
Dictate of Kruphix | $1.49

Putting these two cards together gives you the engine to your deck. The main difference I that Dictate of Kruphix has flash so you can give yourself the effect first by flashing it in on their end step. Also, Howling Mine is only two mana so you can cast Time Warp and then play Howling Mine with seven mana.

Image result for Exhaustion mtg
Exhaustion | $0.99 SCG

This card almost acts like another turn effect and can hold of creature decks from killing your next turn, or simply tapping lands so they can’t cast anything. Exhaustion can be great in many situations.

Image result for Cryptic Command mtg
Cryptic Command | $29.99 SCG

Has an option for every situation, though the four mana can be hard to get off if someone is playing burn where all their spells are super cheap to cast. Tapping down creatures can buy you a turn, countering a key spell, bouncing a planeswalker or even land back to their hand and lastly drawing a card is always good.

Image result for Jace, the Mind Sculptor mtg
Jace, the Mind Sculptor | $99.99 SCG

His unban has brought a lot of power to this deck, letting you fix the top cards of your library to get the Temporal Mastery miracle. Return a creature can also be useful and even having him as a win con, ticking him up for his ultimate and passing back to them where they have to draw the remainder of their deck.

Image result for Time Warp mtg
Time Warp | $15.99 SCG

The cheapest extra turn effect at five mana, if you already have Dictate of Kruphix and/or Howling Mine on the field you can win on turn five pretty easy.

Image result for Path the Waterveil mtg
Part the Waterveil | $1.99 SCG

Another win con, you get to turn nine pretty easy so use nine mana over and put the six counters on Inkmoth Nexus for an infect win.

Image result for Temporal Mastery mtg
Temporal Mastery | $7.99 SCG


Image result for Drowned Catacomb mtg
Drowned Catacomb | $5.99 SCG
Image result for Inkmoth Nexus mtg
Inkmoth Nexus | $19.99 SCG
Image result for Polluted Delta Island
Polluted Delta | $19.99 SCG
Image result for Watery Grave of v
Watery Grave | $17.99 SCG
Image result for swamp mtg battle of v
Image result for battle of zendikar island Island


Image result for Fatal push mtg
Fatal Push | $6.99 SCG
Image result for mtg cast down
Cast Down | $1.25 SCG

New card I’m trying out, kills pretty much everything in modern

Image result for mtg Damnation
Damnation | $27.99 SCG

Board wipe is needed, creature decks are hard for this deck in the early game, so having this as one of, can flip the game over fast.

Image result for mtg 2 Thoughtseize
Thoughtseize | $19.99 SCG

Great vs control and combo decks, taking key cards out their hand to make way for your deck to start going off.

Image result for mtg 1 Surgical Extraction
Surgical Extraction | $22.99 SCG

Great for combo decks, control, Tron, and graveyard decks as well.

Image result for mtg Swan song
Swan Song | $3.99 SCG

This card has saved me a couple of times against Bogles to counter key enchantments and it’s also really good for sorcery cards, countering at it only being at one mana.

Image result for mtg 3 Gigadrowse
Gigadrowse | $0.99 SCG

Tapping down creatures or land on your opponents end step to clear the path so you don’t get countered on your turn.

Image result for mtg Jace Beleren
Jace Beleren | $7.99 SCG

Hand hate can really hurt this deck so Jace can help you refill your hand and also brings in another win con.

Image result for mtg 1 Thassa, God of the Sea
Thassa, God of the Sea | $7.99 SCG

Another win con to throw people off, path and dismember are to the two big cards that kill her. The devotions are easy to turn on, so we don’t worry about that.

This is a deck which I’ll update in the future on our blog and I will be taking to FNM and giving reports back to see how it did and what I took.

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