Modern Sideboarding Made Easy

Abbi Marie | 14th June 2018

Sideboarding can be a hard enough task as it is, and I find creating the sideboard initially as difficult as later deciding what to sideboard in and out of a game. I honestly know I’d rather shove the extra 15 cards in on top of the 60 instead of trying to decide what to take out (because everything seems so gooooood). I figured having a vast list of decent sideboard cards I could pick and choose from when brewing a deck would be a valuable thing to have.

Here is a list of what I think are some good staple sideboard cards, neatly organised for you into colours, to pick-a-mix for your new brew. (You’re welcome)

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying these are the only sideboard options, of course depending on your deck there could be hundreds of options for you! These are just what I think can be some cool all-r

ounders to cover the basics. (Or even cards I just have a soft spot for)


White is actually a very well rounded colour for sideboarding, and why my Mono-white prison deck wasn’t too shabby for a short while. Cards like Rest in Peace, Stony Silence and Leyline of Sanctity are your ESSENTIAL ones for 99% for sideboards, (I even main-boarded 4 Leylines at one point and they never steered me wrong.) Especially with the current Meta.

Image (1).jpgImage result for mtg Stoney

Image result for mtg Leyline ofImage result for mirran crusader

Image result for Porphyry NodesImage result for Runed Halo

Image result for Kataki, War's WageImage result for Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Image result for Linvala, Keeper of SilenceImage result for Ethersworn Canonist

Image result for DisenchantImage result for Celestial Purge
Image result for Wrath of GodImage result for Settle the Wreckage


Black is good for your destruction sideboarding; hand destruction, or creature destruction mostly. There is also a couple Lilliana’s that if you’re not mainboarding already can be a good sideboard option for certain matchups.

Image result for damnation mtgImage result for Collective Brutality

Image result for deathmark mtgImage result for dismember mtg

Image result for duress mtgImage result for Extirpate

Image result for Surgical ExtractionImage result for Bontu's Last Reckoning
Image result for Cast downImage result for Rain of Tears
Image result for Big Game HunterImage result for Illness in the Ranks

Image result for Leyline of the VoidImage result for Night of Souls' Betrayal


Blue is your sideboarding colour for counter spells mostly, or returning multiple copies of something to it’s owners hand. Or basically gaining more control over the game (Shock horror)


Red isn’t a colour I find myself playing often, but I certainly know the basics, and even I’ll admit there are defiantly some choice cards Red has to offer. It can be especially good for sideboarding against artefact decks.


Green is another colour I don’t play much off, but it is a good for artifact removal and also very good for enchantment removal (grrrr). Of course you’ve also got decent abilities like Hexproof.


Gives a wide range of coverage, as well as the massive advantage of most of them being able to be used in any sideboard, no matter what colour you play.


Depending on what colours you’re playing gold cards can give that something extra where mono coloured decks struggle. Where one colour may lack enchantment removal, but has a lot of creature removal, you can pair with a colour that has strengths where the that colour doesn’t.

So that’s it! Easy Peasy. I know I didn’t cover everything, but in my defence that’s impossible, I tried to give you guys the basic and main staples, but sideboarding is 100% choice and will vary in every deck.

I’ll try to keep this fairly updated with new sets and announcements, if I see anything worth a mention, so keep an eye out!

Enjoy Brewing!

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