FNM Log – Taking Turns 22|6|18

 Arran Sahota | 26th June 2018

Took Mono-blue Taking Turns to FNM last week and managed to rack up a 4 – 0 at my local games store (Manaleak, Birmingham). Mono-blue defiantly seems to push the combo out faster and I really felt that the deck was quick to get off its feet and felt smoother then B/U turns. Though the fear of creature removal was there, cards like Cryptic Command and Exhaustion in the main board as well as Echoing Truth, Thing in the Ice and Engulf the Shores in sideboard seemed strong enough to take down creature / aggro decks.

Deck List for Mono-blue taking turns


1 Snapcaster Mage
3 Gigadrowse
4 Serum Visions
2 Howling Mine
4 Remand
4 Dictate of Kruphix
3 Exhaustion
1 Jace Beleren
3 Cryptic Command
1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
4 Time Warp
1 Walk the Aeons
2 Part the Waterveil
4 Temporal Mastery


1 Inkmoth
21 Islands
1 Mikokoro, Centre of the Sea

3 Early Frost
3 Swan Song
2 Engulf the Shore
3 Enchoing Truth
1 Exhaustion
2 Thing in the Ice

 8 Whack

This deck tends to run me over but after sideboarding match 2 was much easier, Thing in the Ice and Echoing Truth came in which can change the game state fast and the Thing in the Ice can change the win con to beating them down. This matchup can really go either way, Exhaustion, Gigadrowse, and Cryptic Command can really slow them down, also Snapcaster can be a blocker but you’re still most likely lose that first game. 2-1 to me


Strange matchup as they can kill me fast before I start taking over. Leyline of Sanctity stops my exhaustion from targeting them, which can be a pain as it a key card which acts as a time walk effect. Cryptic command is really good against the deck as tapping down all their creatures doesn’t count as a target. The thing in the ice is really powerful in this matchup as well, pushing their creatures back to their hands. Overall though, the matchup is in my favour, the only card is Gaddock Tegg can be a pain but putting in Echoing Truths is a really quick answer. Game 2 Gaddock Tegg did come down but he didn’t play a turn 1 creature and clearly kept his 7 as he had Gaddock Tegg in his hand. Though ending the round 2-0 to me

Mardu Pyromancer

Personally thought this matchup would be worse, though the deck tends to run a lot of creature removal and creates a lot of tokens which doesn’t put on a very fast clock. This match I felt that I didn’t need to sideboard and it was really easy to start taking turns from turn 5 and onwards or just like in game 1 Cryptic Command and Exhaustion keeping his creatures down was pretty simple. This was a very fast match and not a lot more to say about it, ending with a swift 2-0 to me.

Klark-Clan Ironworks

Two combo decks is just a race to see which one goes off first, this took me some time to learn what to do, and now I know to just counter KCI and I will be okay to win on my turn. Game 1 I manage to get to 9 mana and beat him down with the element island with Part the Waterveil, also Snappy did help. Game two was a bit tricky, knowing that they do have Guttural Response which can counter my counter which is targeting their KCI, I sideboarded in Early Frost which just stopped them quickly, each upkeep just using that Early Frost to slow them down. As long as I could keep them off getting KCI down I felt like I was in control of both games, did manage to take both games and ended up with 2 – 0 at the end.

The deck performed well and I think it could easily squeeze into a top 8, (With me behind the wheel of course)

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