FNM Log – Bloodbraid Jund 07-07-18



First FNM with Bloodbraid Jund!


4x Bloodbraid Elf
3x Dark Confidant
3x Scavenging Ooze
4x Tarmogoyf
1x Abrupt Decay
2x Fatal Push
2x Kolaghan’s Command
3x Lightning Bolt
1x Terminate
4x Inquisition of Kozilek
2x Maelstrom Pulse
2x Thoughtseize


4x Blackcleave Cliffs
1x Blood Crypt
2x Bloodstained Mire
2x Forest
2x Overgrown Tomb
2x Raging Ravine
1x Stomping Ground
2x Swamp
2x Treetop Village
1x Twilight Mire
4x Verdant Catacombs
2x Wooded Foothills


1x Choke
2x Collective Brutality
1x Damnation
1x Engineered Explosives
3x Fulminator Mage
2x Grafdigger’s Cage
1x Grim Lavamancer
1x Liliana, the Last Hope
2x Nihil Spellbomb
1x Thoughtseize

So the first FNM went really well, a few misplays that delayed my wins or caused loses.. but only time will improve that!


I felt this was an easy matchup once sideboarding happened after losing game 1. Early game removal and hand disruption managed to dramatically downside the amount of life and board presence Soul sisters tried to start off. Late game Liliana the last hope managed to lock the game down for me by easily removing any future sisters and also the Squadron hawks. Also with no sisters down, Ajani’s Pridmate was nothing to be concerned off; this made for a pretty easy 2-1 win.


Game two was interesting for me as I had never actually come up against a Zoo deck yet. However, I do watch a lot of magic in my spare time so had a pretty good idea on what might be in their deck. I managed to win this match 2-0. Getting down early hand disruption for the difficult threats followed by Tarmogoyfs made so that I simply just out strength any creature he had left to play. This made for a pretty one sided match up.


Game 3 proved difficult as it was hard to know when to leave mana open and knowing if they had the resources in their hand to combo off. I lost game 1 but managed to get a pretty good start to game 2, taking it to 1-1. Game 3, although I felt comfortable, this last game seemed to grind on against me and I just couldn’t seem to get there in time before my opponent managed to get the combo off to take the game. I lost this one 1-2 but more practice and I’m sure I could improve this result.


My last game of the night was against another Zoo deck so after already beating this deck once today I felt confident! however, after mulliganing down to 5 cards two games in a row I just couldn’t get off the mark so lost this one 0-2, but sometimes you just get bad hands..but hey that’s magic!


Result at the end of the night was 2-2. Overall happy with the deck and had great fun playing it, small changes to the deck will be made where I feel appropriate to maximize the efficiency. I’m looking forward to the next event and will keep you posted on results and any changes!

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