The Commander Hall Of Fame, As Decided By Me.

Abbi Marie | 18th July 2018

Magic: The Gathering has a popular multiplayer format called “Commander”. Decks are built up of 100 cards, and except basic lands, you may only have one copy of any card in your deck. There is also a much smaller ban list for Commander, so for all intent and purposes, anything goes. Of course the main ruling being that players select a legendary creature to serve as their ‘Commander’ a card always available to them throughout the game. So whenever anything happens to your Commander that would remove it from the battlefield (dies, exiled, shuffled into library, returned to hand etc.) you can choose to instead return your Commander to the ‘Command Zone’. For every time your Commander is returned to the Command zone it’s gonna cost you 2 more colourless mana to cast. The colour(s) of your commander also dictate what colour cards you may play in your deck.

and honestly they are the most enjoyable decks to brew.

So what are the greatest Commanders of all time? I know I have favourites, and ones I would love to build, but when I was researching I was thinking, who do you think is the strongest Commander? So I thought I’d create a little rank of my top 10 Commanders, that can be 100% strong AF, but also not your super common ones. For anyone looking for fun ideas, that could also work competitively. Obviously this is all opinion (And some hard-core research), so take it with a pinch of salt it’s nothing official: this is NOT sponsored by Wizards. (Unless of course they’re reading this then hire me I’m free.)


Oona, Queen Of The Fae

Around $4.99
Average deck price rating: £

Image (24)



Albeit not raved about or even much heard about for being a strong commander, she’s a bloody fun one, and if done correctly can hold her own very well.

  • Tribal commander
  • Expensive Commanders can make you less of a target early on
  • Gives her own win condition
  • Faeries have flying which is always ridiculous no matter what format (Modern Faerie player here I LOVE it)
  • Two of the best colours in MTG (lol)
  • Only targets one opponent at a time
  • 6 mana is pricey for a commander
  • Get stuck against a 5C commander and what colour do you pick??? ahhhhh

Some choice cards

Dire Undercurrents





Scion of Oona







Phenax, God of Deception








Faerie Swarm


Distant Melody


Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Less than $1.50
Average deck price rating: ££

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Why Spiders?? Why couldn’t it be produce the butterflies??

As much as spiders actually do terrify me, this was my first ever commander and I can barely fault it, it’s fun, well paced, can be competitive, and just cool tbh. It may not be one of the strongest, but I stand by the fact that Tribal is the BEST way to commander.

  • Generates her own win condition
  • Keeps a very steady board state (People don’t like targeting someone who has infinite blockers)
  • Majority Reach creatures, decks with flying won’t bother attacking you if there’s someone else who can’t block
  • Can rebuild your board state up rather quickly if you suffer a creature board wipe.
  • Spiders toughness are always awkward to get round. (as they are always marginally higher than their power.
  • Her ability can only target one opponent at a time
  • 7 Mana is pricey for a ability (although certain ramp can make this irrelevant)
  • 5 Mana is pricey for a commander
  • You want your delirium before the first time you cast her ideally, so you have to try reach this demand.
  • Balancing between dumping into your graveyard and bringing things back

Some choice cards

Doubling Season








Parallel Lives








Nyx Weaver















Assault Formation








Dictate of Erebos











Conjurer's Closet



Growing Rites of Itlimoc

Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun



Around $22.99
Average deck price rating: ££


Let us pray for a return to the Kamigawa plane.

This has always been a really cool commander, but with Dominaria’s recent Rat Colony release, It has almost tripled in price. (Your girl grabbed one at GP Birmingham for my jank Kamigawa rat modern deck for £7 a week before the price rocket, be jelly) But it is still definitely worth it, mono colour is always an interesting commander route to go down, and what better colour to choose than black.

  • T-R-I-B-A-L
  • Mono colour makes for easy land base
  • Fear is BROKEN
  • Black gives you 10000000 ways to get your creatures back from graveyards (great for a creature based deck like this one)
  • Quick board state and re-build in case of board wipes
  • Mono colour can limit you quite a bit. It can also make you an easy target for cards like Iona.
  • 5 mana is pricey for Commander

Some choice cards

Pack Rat








Rat Colony
















Ogre Slumlord








Coat of Arms








Ichor Rats








Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni


















Azami, Lady Of Scrolls

Less than $1
Average deck price rating: £££

Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Another ode to our beloved Kamigawa

First of all plus points for amazing art. Azami is a fantastic commander and very fun to play, and TRIBAL of course! (I’ll add some non-tribal commanders I promise). Mono colour can sometimes be an advantage or disadvantage, but as mono commanders go she is probably one of the best. I mean people will hate you, but magic wouldn’t be fun if not, right?

  • Yes, Tribal again. Here here!
  • Easy land base
  • Slightly cheaper on the mana scale at only 4
  • Can get out of hand very quickly (As all the best decks do)
  • Blue is an extremely strong colour, especially for controlling the game, which when you’ve got more than one opponent is even more vital.
  • She’s pretty
  • The limits with playing a mono colour
  • This may sound like a weird con, but I have seen it first hand too many times to count. You will get targeted just because you’re playing blue. She’s not outrageous, she doesn’t wipe the board, or make everything indestructible, but trust me, people will want to kill you off before the person playing the Avacyn Angel commander deck.
  • A risky deck to play, depending on your win con, for example, Laboratory Maniac, you’ve gotta make sure you know your way around your deck, and be ready for people to try and kill him as you draw your last card.


Some choice cards

Reliquary Tower








Naban, Dean of Iteration








Laboratory Maniac
















Voidmage Prodigy








Patron Wizard
















Paradox Engine
















Jace Beleren








Rhystic Study








Jace's Archivist










Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Around $11.99
Average deck price rating: ££££

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

I mean.. In what situation would you not want a commander that is literally sat on a throne.

Now this guy may sound a little less than exciting on paper, but he actually gives you endless options for possible decks. Also just the ability ‘Spells your opponents cast cost 1 more to cast’ Makes this guy worth while. And OMG it’s not Tribal  ????


  • 4 Mana is a good amount for a commander, not too high
  • Strong colour combination
  • Making spells 1 mana cheaper can make a much bigger difference than you probably think
  • Making your opponents spells more mana can really hinder their gameplay early on
  • He is easily removable, and trust me, people will want to remove him
  • Doesn’t seem massively exciting to play
  • Decent decks with Mr Augustin are quite expensive


Some choice cards

Spelltithe Enforcer








Teferi, Hero of Dominaria








Grand Abolisher








Thalia, Heretic Cathar








Archangel of Tithes








Windborn Muse








Baral, Chief of Compliance








Isperia, Supreme Judge








Frost Titan








Thalia, Guardian of Thraben










Mayael The Anima

Less than $1
Average deck price rating: ££

Mayael the Anima

I promise she’s not here just for her looks… But isn’t she beautiful????

Thought I’d throw a bit of Red into the mix, it’s only fair. But for any Red fans Mayael is certainly not a bad way to do it. Tutoring your top 5 cards every turn for a wee beasty to go straight onto the battlefield? I mean, sounds like the dream really..


  • Cheap, Cheap! At 3 Mana she’s a dream of a commander
  • Would be extremely fun to play
  • Easy Deck Building
  • Can be done well at any price range
  • Activated ability is expensive
  • Easy target due to low stats
  • Can be slow with tapping / activating once a turn


Some choice cards

Seedborn Muse








Angel of Serenity








Quicksilver Amulet








Avacyn, Angel of Hope








Xenagos, God of Revels








Elvish Piper








Sigarda, Host of Herons








Etali, Primal Storm








Dragonlord Dromoka
















Iroas, God of Victory








Warstorm Surge










Sen Triplets

Around $29.99
Average deck price rating: ££

Sen Triplets

I mean, your friends won’t hate you forever..

Aaaaaaand we’re back to the best colours, ESPER, and all in one commander too ahhhhh. Really strong colours, and a really fun commander to play, who cares what you put in your deck??? You’ll be stealing other peoples.



  • Strong colour combination
  • Relatively easy deck build
  • Artifact creature, makes for extra possibilities
  • Makes your opponents salty
  • Can be done at any price range and still be good
  • Stats aren’t high, easily removable
  • She’s mean to be playing against, makes you a target from the get go
  • Only targets one player each of your upkeeps, so can be less effective in larger groups
  • 4 mana can be pricey for a easily removable commander, can start getting expensive quickly


Some choice cards

Phyrexian Metamorph








Mind's Dilation








Ethersworn Canonist








Gonti, Lord of Luxury








Fractured Identity








Mycosynth Lattice








Time Sieve








Darksteel Forge








Indomitable Archangel
















Evil Twin








Master Transmuter










Starke Of Rath

Less than $1
Average deck price rating: ££

Starke of Rath

Just hear me out

SO, you may be thinking, ummmm, but the amount of fun this deck can offer is actually surprising, and for anyone who does play casual tabletop commander, it can also be very fun to play against, and your friends won’t hate you!!



  • Low mana costing
  • Mono colour makes land base easy
  • The whole deck doesn’t have to revolve around him being in play
  • Can be casual or competitive
  • Decks can be built budget
  • Mono colour can be limiting and make you a target to things
  • Power and toughness is low, he’s easily removed
  • Obviously a risk of people using his own ability against you

Some choice cards









Humble Defector








Wild Evocation








Thieves' Auction








Confusion in the Ranks








Possibility Storm








Krark's Thumb








Risky Move








Chance Encounter
















Tide of War








Planar Chaos











Zedruu, The Great Hearted

Less than $1
Average deck price rating: ££

Zedruu the Greathearted

I mean she does look fabulous.. At least, I think It’s a she?

Bit of a different spin on no. 3, but a similar idea, however this one expands on colour so will give you a few more options, maybe a little less ‘jank fun’ this could be made more serious and competitive.



  • 3 Colour commander means wider range of choice
  • 4 mana is not too high for cost
  • Her activated ability is affordable, going to, 2, 3 times a turn late game
  • Life and Card draw can put you ahead of the game really fast.
  • Fun to play, and interesting for opponents
  • 4 toughness is slightly harder to remove, avoids Bolt etc.
  • People won’t want you drawing so much, so she’ll be a constant target
  • Deck needs to be finely tuned to make her work well


Some choice cards

Illusions of Grandeur








Akroan Horse








Bazaar Trader








Paradox Haze








Alhammarret's Archive








Steel Golem








Felidar Sovereign








Aggressive Mining








Form of the Dragon




















Zur, The Enchanter

Around $3
Average deck price ranking: £££

Zur the Enchanter

Shock horror! My favourite guys!!

In all seriousness though, he can be an extremely strong commander, and when I was researching for this post he came up a HELL of a lot! It’s easy, smooth and a bugger of a board state for your opponents, just awkward really.



  • Strong colour combo
  • Strong toughness, harder to remove
  • Flying, much less chance of people being able to block and kill him
  • It’s an attach trigger NOT a damage trigger
  • 4 Mana not too high for commander cost
  • Free tutor like ????
  • Ummm none?
  • I joke
  • Runs less smoothly with him not in play
  • People won’t like you having him down
  • Obviously you’re limited to 3 CMC and less (Although your curve can still be good)


Some choice cards

Oblivion Ring








Ghostly Prison








Phyrexian Arena








Diplomatic Immunity
















Phyrexian Unlife
















Greater Auramancy
















Lost Auramancers








Erebos, God of the Dead








Thassa, God of the Sea










And that’s it! Whether you’re looking for something different, competitive, or fun, there’s defiantly a commander for you to try here.

Happy brewing!


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