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Abbi Marie

Been Playing magic since:

2017 lol baby magic player

Favourite Magic Colour:

Blue & White… and Black; too many?

Favourite Card:

Currently? As it does change every week… but probably Mistbind Clique… Kinda boring maybe, but you know what goes best with every magic meal? A good helping of salt. #don’thatetheplayerhatethegame

The women in charge you ask? well of course. I got into magic in my second year of University studying Video Game art. I used to sell packs of Magic in GAME and never looked twice at it, but a boring University social life and a toolbox of Kaladesh and that was me. My first deck? Okay don’t laugh but I fell in love with Nightmare, and played a mono-black standard deck on the kitchen table, it wasn’t till my first event outside my house that I was like ‘wow this card is shit’ NEVERTHELESS I still have a soft spot for him, and will not accept any negative comments he’s trying really hard ok???

I soon dropped standard and moved to modern, oh the eye openers! It’s a whole new world, and I like it 10000x more than I did standard (Nothing against standard, just not for me at the moment) So I started with mono-white angels, to then a B/W Phrexian/Bitterblossom prison, to then a Zur Esper Prison. I also have just built U/B Faeries, and moved my Esper Prison back in the direction of Mono-White; It’s doing a lot better and I can actually kick some ass with it! Having only just built Faeries though I’m still kinda getting my ass kicked on that front, I’m working on it! Long story short I kinda suck at Magic, but when has that ever stopped anyone??

Arran Sahota

Been Playing magic since:

The end of 2016

Favourite Magic Colour:

Blue.. Just Blue

Favourite Card:

Jace Beleren, Or as my group hails him PARTY JACE

Got into Magic after my brother brought me my first toolbox and then later took me to my first pre-release when Aether Revolt was released. Quickly I got on to the plan of getting Torrential Gearhulks (Fatcaster) which quickly made me into a control player. First deck though was a Blue / Red Dynavolt Tower deck which later turned to mono-blue as soon as I discovered Engulf the Shores. I would turn up to FNM’s with a deck full of counters and then Gearhulks to finish the game off.

As rotation was coming in the September I was planning to leave standard so I started looking into Modern decks and Mono-blue Merfolk I saw which quickly came to my first modern deck. I also dabbled in Green / Blue Merfolk which was very strong when Ixalan came out but later turned back to blue when Merfolk Trickster came out. Then I picked up Taking Turns played Blue / Black to start but I am now just sticking to the Mono-Blue vision. Now lastly I have started to play Dredge which I am not finding as enjoyable as my other decks, but it proves a challenge to learn.

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