Arran’s Top Bobs in Modern

Arran Sahota |  14th August 2018

So what are the best two drop creatures in modern I hear you ask???  Well fear not I am here to answer your queries. I have piled together 10 of the best (in my opinion) 2 drops that have defiantly shaped the format, some to distaste perhaps, I’m looking at you Tarmogoyf!


Dark Confident

Around $75

Image result for Mtg Modern dark confidant
Dark Confidant, or “Bob” for us edgy Magic Players, is a two mana, 2/1 black creature that we often seen in Jund decks to give the deck extra card draw. When you first see this card losing life for drawing does seem to be strange and perhaps a disadvantage, but in reality when your hitting lands or low mana spells It doesn’t have a massive impact on your life, which is why the decks don’t play high mana spell. Yes there will be the times when you hit your highest CMC card Bloodbraid Elf which makes you take four damage but, you know, “Greatness, at any cost.”

Snapcaster Mage

Around $79.99

Image result for Mtg Modern snap
Snapcaster is clearly one of most played cards we currently see in modern, the card that lets you replay your instants and sorceries from your graveyard, esentially giving you the ability to have ‘8’ copies of a spell. Combinations like Bolt, Snap, Bolt you will see end games. Almost every control deck runs one of not mutiple snappies and popular decks like Grixis Death’s Shadow will have him in.

Voice Of Resurgence

Around $14.99

Image result for Mtg Modern voice
The anti-instant card, forcing your opponents to play their removal, card draw etc on their own turn, which control decks don’t want to do as it leaves their mana tapped whihc can effect their counter spells. A solid card which can flip games around fast when you’re in a bad match up.

Scavenging Ooze

Around $4.99

Image result for Mtg Modern ooze
Getting some graveyard hate in game 1, this Ooze is very good to grind against creature decks or maybe eating the spell that their Snapcaster targets, or those awkward Dredge cards, if the game goes late this guy can become a life saver and start holding back the line and keeping you alive.

Leonin Arbiter

Around $3.99

Image result for Mtg Modern lerion arbiter
With fetch lands being such a staple in the current Modern meta, Leonin Arbiter can be a bitch of a card to play agasint. Or strip mining the opponent in you can really keep their lands at bay and make it hard for them to play smoothly. Usually found in Aethervial decks as land is less of an issue for you compared to your opponants.


Around $74.99

Image result for mtg modern tarmogoyf
Tarmogoyf is seen a lot in Jund / midrange decks, having different card types in your graveyard to increase a creatures power is really unique and some decks can be based around it. The card types being artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, sorcery, and even tribal for those bitterblossoms and tarfire.

Eidolon Of The Great Revel

Around $5.49

Image result for mtg modern red
The kill card which can shut down decks playing cheap combo cards such a Storm or KCI. Also seen a lot in main boards of burn decks, as the Modern meta doesn’t use many high CMC cards.

Thalia, Guardian Of Thraben

Around $11.99

On paper this doesn’t look like it would be too hard to play around but if you’re playing a Serum Visions for two mana, it can really hurt your turn plays. Great vs control decks, combo decks and also not too bad in creature match ups as it is still a 2/1 first strike.

Arcbound Ravager

Around $59.99

Image result for mtg arcbound ravager
Affinity’s little pet. I have been victim to too many people sac their board to make one big creature before damage and then sac itself and move onto a creature which is not being blocked. This card can really catch people off guard and make your blocking phase painful.

Meddling Mage

Around $34.99

Image result for mtg meddling mage
The power to say no to any card?? This card can protect your creatures from dying or can even stop your opponant from winning the game. Naming a key card like Karn Liberated so Tron has 7 mana but no threat to play. A really simple idea which can just shut off a whole deck, like naming cards like Grapshot or Krark-Clan Ironworks, there are many more to name depending on your match up.

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  1. Juuso says:

    Nice post, and I gotta agree with this list! 🙂

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