August Bannings, Good The Bad And The Ugly

Arran Sahota |  17th August 2018

As the next banning is just around the corner I thought I’d have a look at a few cards which could see the ban hammer and even some cards we might see unbanned.


Image result for nexus of fate

The buy a box promo card Nexus of Fate has seen a new deck running around called turbo fog. Using the ramp in standard, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria to drive the mana far you can play this seven mana instant to take an extra turn.

Using Teferi as the main won win with his -8 you will be able to get there easy. This deck has shaken the format quiet hard and people don’t want to play against these type of decks in standard, but does Nexus of Fate deserve the ban hammer?

Tubro Fog deck

Though I don’t think anything should be banned, the main struggle with standard at the moment is the fact there is a lack of cards to deal with these type of decks, sure there is Lost Legacy but that will mean every deck has to play black just to deal with this combo.

Apart from that one deck, there is not a lot to say, standard still has the U/W Control decks, mono-Red / B/R Agro decks going around, after rotation through a lot of these decks lose cards so maybe there will be new brew’s for standard.


The key cards which are in the talks of getting the hammer, Ancient Stirrings is on

Image result for Ancient stirring

everyone’s lips about getting banned. This card enables too many decks and the argument is, if Ponder is banned which only lets you see three cards why can this card happily see five. Though it can only take a colourless card in decks like KCI and Tron which will destroy the format it makes it hard not to look at this card. Though modern sits at a healthily spot and really doesn’t need for anything to be banned as the format is well balanced.

Image result for stoneforge mystic

Looking towards unbanning for modern which people are dying for is Stoneforge Mystic is the card that would affect the formant making decks like Death & Taxes stronger but not break it. Just having Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf put in the format which had big effects by bringing up U/W control decks with Jace (thought Teferi is really good as well) and then decks like Ponza, Jund and Zoo have had a real lift back into the format. These cards people were scared would change the formant too much and warp it but now looking at it maybe these cards aren’t as strong as we first thought.

Modern could see some changes but hopefully just an unbanning and no bans, as I do think the format is in a really good spot.


Image result for mtg look at there hand and draw a card
Looking towards the final format legacy has already taken two massive hits and I don’t think there will be any changes in the format at all this time around. Two cards got banned which were Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe which has really changed the format. I do think the format is still trying to get stable and get its feet back in the ground after these massive bannings to the format.Image result for mtg deathrite shaman

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