Blue Moon At Night, Magic Players’ Delight

Arran Sahota |  23rd August 2018

Let’s talk about a deck which has been around for a bit called Blue Moon also known as U/R control for Modern of course.

The main difference compared to other control decks such as U/W control and Jeskai is the fact deck has Blood Moon at the center. Using burn cards such as Lightening Bolt, Electrolyze and Abrade now as the key remove spells also some of starting to play Burst Lightning as it offers a bigger kill spell which can end the game or kill the Meddling Mage which is stopping Lightning Bolt. More towards the blue side, you can see opt’s Serum Visions, Remands, Spell Snare, Cryptic Command and Logic Knots as the main focus for counterspells. The win con is a mixture between Snapcasters, Thing in the Ice, Torrential Gearhulk and Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Deck List

4 Snapcasters
4 Thing in the Ice

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Serum Visions
4 Opt
4 Remand
2 Logic Knots
2 Abrade
4 Cryptic Command
3 Electrolyze
2 Spell Snare

2 Blood Moon
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor


1 Desolate Lighthouse
8 Islands
1 Mountain
3 Misty Rainforest
3 Scalding Tarn
2 Steam Vents
3 Sulfur Falls


Image result for mtg Snapcaster

The heart and soul of a modern control deck, flashback any of your sorcery or instant spells, also he has flash.

Image result for mtg Thing in the Ice

This be easily flipped which can make the game go back in your favour, maybe just play your last instant in your block step, a board clear and a finisher to the game.

Image result for mtg Lightning Bolt

Simple and effect card for creature cards and also can be good to close out the game.

Image result for mtg Serum VisionsÂ

Early digging for an answer to the board or a late game filter through your deck past those lands you don’t need.

Image result for mtg Opt

Instant speed to scry 1 and draw for the instant speed counterspell or if your digging for removal.

Image result for mtg Remand

Tempo card almost acts as a time walk in early turn.

Image result for mtg Logic Knots

Counterspell for late game or even if you have fetched you put a land in your graveyard so they won’t be able to pay 1.

Image result for mtg Abrade

An answer to artifacts and also can kill a creature, two good modes.

Image result for mtg Cryptic Command

Probably one of the best cards in your deck, lets you draw, stop them attacking and bounce a permanent such as a land or planeswalker.

Image result for mtg Electrolyze

Creature removal which also can damage planeswalkers and then on top you get to draw a card, tempo play which can help you get the board back and draw a card.

Image result for mtg Spell Snare

This looks like a narrow card but you would be surprised how many two drops there are in modern which this can get.

Image result for mtg Blood Moon

The card which can lock greedy mana bases and sometimes just stops your opponent from playing magic.

Image result for Jace, the Mind Sculptor 25

One of the most powerful cards in the deck which can just simply end the game from just looking at the top card of there library from stopping them from getting basic’s.


Image result for Desolate Lighthouse mtg

A land to get through your deck looking for answers.

Image result for Misty Rainforest mtg
Image result for Scalding Tarn mtg
Image result for Steam Vents mtg
Image result for Sulfur Falls


Above is the main deck example of what a Blue Moon deck will look it but with these types of decks, there are many different options to put into your deck. So we are going to explore cards which are played in the sideboard.

Image result for izzet charm

This card is sometimes seen in Blue Moon’s 75 having a card which can fit in weird situations. Having even a Faithless Looting, Shock or a soft counter makes the card be good in different situations. Maybe a one of somewhere.

Image result for Izzet Staticaster mtg

A very good card in the right meta hits tokens decks easy, also hits Humans if your able to kill off there Noble Hierarch’s or maybe you can ping of Affinity’s cheap creatures. This card has a place in the sideboard in the right meta.

Image result for mtg Vendilion Clique

A great card for game two to stop combos, this card can also be seen in the mainboard as well, but not too often, also with it being a 3/1 it can a clock on your opponent

Image result for mtg Dispel

Very good against the control minors

Image result for mtg Flame Slash

More creature hate

Image result for mtg Roast

Even more creature hate

Image result for mtg Relic of Progenitus

Being in these two colours don’t offer a lot of graveyard hate but thankful there are colourless cards.

Image result for mtg Negate

This card hits everything from removal, planeswalker and also for the counter battles.

Image result for mtg Angry of the Gods

Good against creature decks, also good vs decks like dredge which tend to put a lot of early pressure on.

Image result for pia and kiran nalaar

Makes a big board which 3 creature to chump block, also the ability can pick off creatures.

Extra cards

Image result for mtg Chandra, Torch of Defiance

Maybe another threat, Chandra brings a really midrange threat and has a quick way of closing out the game, also playing her on turn 4 and then +1 for mana to kill their creatures so not too bad. Putting this down vs control as well is really strong taking two each turn and getting closer to that scary emblem.

Maybe just a massive 5/6 which is just another Snapcaster, you can’t target sorceries but you don’t have to pay for the flashback cost. This has a quick close out to the game and really holds the board back from them attacking you or your walkers.

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