Guilds of Ravnica : Shock Lands are back!?

Arran Sahota |  5th September 2018

A few months ago we blogged about our return to Ravnica and the possibility of seeing the reprint of shock lands. Well guys it’s been confirmed, REPRINTS. So this might mean an easier entrance into the modern format, with hopes the reprints will be a cheaper option for your shock lands, although it is unlikely we’ll see a major drop in the original prints due to alternate art, and some players still wanting originals. Of course shock lands aren’t the cards that make modern all that powerful and expensive on their own. Without fetch lands, shock lands are pretty much null, and it’s highly unlikely we will see fetch lands reprinted into Standard with shocks, if at all.

Looking towards the Standard format, these lands will let people playing Grixis Control easier or even Jeskai Control. As these cards move into Standard, we lose Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation which means a lot of Mono Red / B/R agro decks will be leaving the formant. Fast lands will be replaced by shocks, and could this mean we see Standard become a control fest with no other real decks being a viable match up to make.

Another spoiler we saw was some new Planeswalkers, including a brand new ‘Ral, Izzet Viceroy’. As a player who has just made Blue Moon for Modern I might be tempted to see if this guy can fit into the deck. He is five mana and does have a few things going for him.From the top, +1 can be a great draw engine to keep your had full and to dump key instants / sorceries for Snapcaster to flash back or maybe if it is late in the game and you want to start filtering your deck by dumping your lands. -3 can pretty much kill most things in modern if your deck is built with loads of instant and sorceries, with the key fact that is exile and graveyard, so all the cards flashback will still be useful. -8 looks good just to finish the game dealing damage and drawing cards when ever instant or sorcery is cast, seems like a pretty good deal.


I am looking forward for more spoilers and to hopefully we’ll see more Planeswalkers printed for the set.

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