Some Belper Modern Tournament Shenanigans

Abbi Marie |  9th September 2018

So following my chaotic Nationals experience I was ready and raring for my next chance to play some tournament Modern. There isn’t a lot of local Magic in my hometown in Oxfordshire and I often travel to Manaleak to get my doses of FNMs and weekend Commander sessions. I’d had a hustle bustle of the past couple weeks and FNMs just hadn’t squeezed into my schedule, but with an invite to a Modern Tournament in Belper I was more than excited to give this whole competitiveness another go.

Through mutual connections the host for the competition had invited us down, so without hesitation the four of us got into the car on Sunday for the hour long drive to arrive in the very quiet town of Belper (A place I’d never even heard of I’m embarrassed to add, my knowledge of anywhere North stretches few and far between) but Belper seemed lovely, the sat-nav directed us pretty much to the door, so once we had our bearings we drove further a few hundred yards to a clearly signposted carpark, large and free of charge, less than a 2 minute walk to the shop, I’d felt we we’re off to a flying start to be honest.

The shop was just round a corner off a main shopping street, a small door with a very large sign with ‘District Gaming’ plastered across the front (At least we knew we were in the right place) AND directly next to a Greggs. The door took you straight up some stairs and through a small flat like layout. A room at the back was laid with tables and chairs. The area was plenty roomy for the 16 or so people there and it was fresh and clean, with a big open window. It was a small space but it didn’t feel so at all. The stock was reasonable, with drinks and chocolate bars, recent boosters, sleeves and a few big binders full of singles.

The competition got underway and low and behold I had the first buy! BUT it’s a win so who was I to be bothered. About 2 minutes into the first round a player showed up late and the host was very good with the rules and announced he would be getting a game loss, and I still had the ‘buy’ but we were welcome to play a casual. WELL it was a good thing I already had the buy, he whipped out some Abzan and damn near drained me to death with a damn Rhino! It was a little too quick for my deck and he ran more enchantment removal than I’d ever seen!?!? So whoever sent him for my deck, I’m watching.

Second round was more in my favour with Black/Red burn, I’d never seem a version with black in before but it was quite cool and did have some awkward things to deal with, playing stuff like contaminated ground. However we know Burn is a very good match up for me and getting Leylines down game 1 put me in a good position. Didn’t get Leylines down game 2, but had my combo by turn 4 which halted the game, and a scoop from him due to him having no way to remove my enchantments.

Round three was Mono Blue Living End. It was tough, between giving myself protection from as many big creatures as a I could, stopping him casting As Foretold, and him bouncing all my enchantments with Cryptic Command, it was a very hard match up, but I made the mistake game 2 of naming As Foretold instead of Cryptic with Gideons Intervention, which I think would’ve made a big difference game wise. It was however a really fun match, and a very cool deck I think i would really enjoy playing.

Round 4 turned out to be my opponents most unlucky match up yet, he said he was fairly new to Magic but he had done really well in the tournament and had a very well built Hydra Counter deck, he did beat me game one between his fast building creatures and swinging for a hella-lota damage, and me drawing crap all the entire game. But game 2 and 3 my main board Solemnity did some filthy work, and with no enchantment removal on his side that was game.

I did come out with 2nd place (albeit through the skin my teeth) and the prize pool was amazing, at only £6 entry I came out with a promo Nexus of Fate, standard showdown booster and 3 boosters of choice between Dominaria and Magic 19. (I chose more Dominatia of course).

Overall it was very well organised, smooth, fun and I met some really nice new people. Plus no judge calls, so that’s plus points from me! I will defiantly be going up there for the next Modern Tournement on 7th October, I hope too see you there!

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