Okay So Shock lands Aren’t The Only Cool Things in Guilds of Ravnica.

Arran Sahota |  11th September 2018

Following the shocking shock land spoilers we have been gifted with a couple more sneaky spoiler’s that have sparked my interest. A new Niv-Mizzet, Parun which looks like something could be good in draft or commander and even stretch to other constructed formats. (Who doesn’t like Dragons) The only downside to this card in terms of constructed formats is his 3 / 3 mana cost, making sure you’ve got 3 Mana of each colour for turn 6 can be a awkward feat.


We have seen another return to split cards, and more importantly optional colour mana costs!! But perhaps the card will be the gossip rather than the mana, as there has already been a lot of commotion in the standard format, mainly looking at the Status half of this card combined with Chainwhirler, giving a very powerful one sided board wipe.


Convoke is coming back to standard! This could definitely make standard G/W creature decks a strong option and hopefully shrine a light for a new deck opportunity, . “March of the Multitudes” which makes 1/1’s could be a great card for some fun deck options. However they would easily be wiped out by Chainwhirler. (This card is becoming a bit of a bad omen for these spoilers)

It could definitely see some cool Commander uses and maybe with the right brew this could be crazy in Elves for modern a card that when tapped makes a 1/1 which Heritage Druids does for you, a card to keep an eye out on.


Card selection with the draw back of dumping the cards you don’t pick, this feels like a kind of Grim Flayer card but can we maybe see the possibility of a B/G graveyard deck return to Standard?? Or will this just be thrown into the Commander piles for future brewing.


Another type of Goblin Rabblemaster but slightly different as the goblins don’t have to attack each turn.  The Mentor lets you keep buffing your goblins but downside being Legion Warboss has to attack which leaves it open to blockers and cards like “Seal Away” & “Settle the Wreckage” but then it does buffs another weaker card.


Some simple hand Disruption with the ability to manipulate the top card of your library. With a low curve this ability to see the top card of your library and decide if you want it or not can be a big advantage early game. Certainly hoping to see more of this mechanic Surveil.


The one Sphinx that is released in every set, with Flash and Flying and the ability to bounce something back to their hand and then look at the top four cards and put them back or in the graveyard. This card is a great filter late game and can also be used to trigger cards like Narcomoeba


When this got spoiled I was praying we’d get a mini dredge deck come back or something along those lines but alas this card seems to be in the sets for cards which have Surveil, so maybe some sort of B/U control deck.


Abzan colours have been printed in shock lands in standard, but standard is not this cards home… Modern Jund players are going to be all over this card with Planeswalkers being so powerful at the moment this card is instant speed kill but they get a land untapped, which is 100% worth it. I can also hit creature lands as well which in Modern is really important.


We will definitely be looking out for more of the spoilers and also when the set is fully released and we can look into what decks might appear on the map. Excited is an understatement.

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