I’ll have one Boros Pre-release pack to go, please.

Abbi Marie | October 4th 2018

So as I’m sure you’re aware, last weekend was the Pre-release for Guilds of Ravnica. I was getting really excited about this set with the build-up and spoilers I couldn’t wait to get my first taste.  We decided to do a 2HG event this time around as we really enjoy the format and don’t get the chance to play often.

This was it. Could this be the start to my journey back into Standard?

We went to Wayland’s Forge in Birmingham for the event. I had never been there before so I had no idea what to expect. We had also planned to film our experience and pack openings throughout the day (The video should follow soon, just so nervous about posting it!)

The shop was small, with three reasonably sized tables and shelves of stock surrounding the room, however, it was clean, and smelt fresh, and was well lit. The guy running the event seemed lovely and was very generous with prizes and the Guild kits. We were warned when we put our deposit down that we wouldn’t be able to pick our guilds. I will admit being the stroppy child I am, I got a little salty as I felt the whole point of the seeded Pre-release packs and all the advertising for the new style of the kit was that you pick your guild! However, once we got the event It was obvious that the lack of choosing was due to the fact he hadn’t been sent a lot of kits and didn’t want to promise people something they couldn’t have. With Dimir and Golgari being so popular, he didn’t want some people getting what they wanted and others not and I could 100% respect that. In the end, we were handed a Selensya and Boros. I was ecstatic for the Boros as these were the colours I wanted, Aurelia here I come! ANGELS!! Arran wasn’t fussed with Selensya, so the shopkeeper was happy to swap it for an Izzet he had left over.

Our pulls weren’t bad, especially for a draft, but we didn’t get much we felt we would take back into standard. Aka, I didn’t get an Aurelia and I was very upset. BUT Arran did manage to pull Ral, and he did some nice dirty work for most of our games. I also bagged myself a foil Overgrown Tomb, which I immediately sold for $$, because you always pull the good lands in colours you don’t play right?!

I played Boras and splashed Green as I pulled a Knight of Autumn, and Arran played Grixs.

There were 6 teams of 2, which meant 3 rounds overall. Game 1 was a mirror match more or less, but they took the win with a quicker beat down, obviously because THEY HAD AN AURELIA. Game 2 was vs Selensya and Boras, we took the win, quite quickly with some lucky draws. Game 3 was vs Grixis and Golgari, which we also took a win from. With our 2-1 score, we took joint first and took home 8 Ravnica packs and 2 Amonket. It was a very good prize pool and the prize packs managed to give us a Vraska too! (All our pack openings will be in our pre-release vlog)

Overall I had a fantastic time with some really nice people, I always love these events and what the community brings to it, make 2HG bigger so we can play it more!!! (Might do a blog on this hahaha)

We have also got a Ravnica booster box on the way, do you guys like box opening videos? Is that something you’d like to see? Let us know!





















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