Zur The Enchanter Commander Deck-Tech

Abbi Marie | 10th October 2018

SO, when I wrote my Commander Hall of Fame post a few months ago, the wonderful Zur was dubbed as my No.1 (To some agreement and disagreement) but jokes on you guys you’re always wrong when it’s my opinion mwahaha.

It was mentioned and requested that I should follow up with a deck tech for my No.1. So here we are! Better late than never.

I do have a Zur Commander deck and even though I never bought anything for it (It was just cards we already had) It proved to be a very strong and competitive deck! So this will be that decklist but upgraded with no limit and no budget….. I know, shivers right?

Your Commander

Artifact (10):

    • Azorius Signet
    • Chromatic Lantern
    • Commander’s Sphere
    • Dimir Signet
    • Lightning Greaves
    • Orzhov Signet
    • Sensei’s Divining Top
    • Sol Ring
    • Strionic Resonator
  • Thought Vessel

Instant (6):

    • Brainstorm
    • Counterspell
    • Enlightened Tutor
    • Negate
    • Swords to Plowshares
  • Teferi’s Protection

Sorcery (6):

    • Armageddon
    • Open the Vaults
    • Ponder
    • Replenish
    • Supreme Verdict
  • Wrath of God

Creature (1):

  • Sovereigns of Lost Alara

Enchantment (42):

    • Arcane Laboratory
    • Authority of the Consuls
    • Banishing Light
    • Bitterblossom
    • Blind Obedience
    • Copy Enchantment
    • Curator’s Ward
    • Detention Sphere
    • Diplomatic Immunity
    • Energy Field
    • Estrid’s Invocation
    • Ethereal Armor
    • Ghostly Prison
    • Gift of Immortality
    • Grasp of Fate
    • Greater Auramancy
    • Journey to Nowhere
    • Karmic Justice
    • Land Tax
    • Lay Claim
    • Leyline of Sanctity
    • Mana Vortex
    • Monastery Siege
    • Mystic Remora
    • Nevermore 
    • Oblivion Ring
    • Omniscience
    • Overburden
    • Phyresis
    • Phyrexian Arena
    • Phyrexian Unlife
    • Propaganda
    • Rest in Peace
    • Rhystic Study
    • Search for Azcanta
    • Shielded by Faith
    • Solemnity
    • Solitary Confinement
    • Sphere of Safety
    • Starfield of Nyx
    • Suppression Field
  • Vile Consumption

Land (34):

    • Arcane Sanctum
    • Command Tower
    • Drowned Catacomb
    • Flooded Strand
    • Glacial Fortress
    • Godless Shrine
    • Hallowed Fountain
    • Isolated Chapel
    • Mana Confluence
    • Marsh Flats
    • Morphic Pool
    • Polluted Delta
    • Prairie Stream
    • Reliquary Tower
    • Sea of Clouds
    • Sunken Hollow
    • Temple of Enlightenment
    • Temple of Silence
    • Watery Grave
    • 5x Swamp
    • 5x Plains
  • 5x Island

Now as you may have noticed there is no obvious win-con. WELL, my children, that is because if you make sure your opponents can’t win, or you can’t lose, you don’t need a win-con. (Trade secret)

If you can get your auras out and attached to Zur you’ve got a sure-fire win-con of commander damage, with a max of +42/+42 from Ethereal Armor. So if that doesn’t win you the game, get good.

You’ve obviously got your Phyrexian Unlife and Solemnity Combo going. With your plays I would protect Zur with his first swing, fetching something like Curator’s Ward or Diplomatic Immunity then once he’s protected I’d go straight for your Greater Auramnacy if there are no other immediate threats you need to deal with. Greater Auramnacy is a super important card and even though it does nothing on its own, it makes removing your vital pieces very difficult. Even better get Auramancy down, then copy it with Copy Enchantment or Estrid’s Invocation if needed, then they protect themselves and your Enchantments are un-targetable.

Cards like Teferi’s Protection or Replenish can help you with any board wipe situations. As well as a couple counterspells for good measure. Of course, your Propaganda, Ghostly Prison and Karmic Justice will put people off attacking/bothering you, and edge them towards other players, this just gives you time to sit back quietly and build your board, when you’re not doing loads of immediate damage to people, they tend to forget you’re there (my favourite game plan). Then getting things out like Mana Vortex, Overburden and Vile Consumption will start to drag your opponents game down and give you room to edge in and take the win in whichever way is best at the time.

Honestly one of the most fun and annoying to play against Commander decks I’ve ever played, I will most certainly be upgrading my Zur deck towards this list.

As always, if you have any suggestions and additions you’d add, or feel I should know about, let me know! Happy Brewing!

Tappedout link for all those pictures I could not be ARSED to add individually.

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