Azami, Lady of Scrolls Commander Deck-Tech

Arran Sahota |25th October 2018

Mono-Blue Wizards! A Commander deck you shouldn’t be surprised was my first. I love it having the ability to be milling people out and just drawing cards. Sitting back not doing much to other people, letting them get on amongst themselves as you build up a board of havoc and draw engines! This is not a typical blue build as It doesn’t run a lot of counterspells and is a lot more creature focused.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls lets you tap untapped Wizards for you to draw a card, which is totally fair and innocent. Nothing broken here, look elsewhere.

Your Commander


Creature (32)

  • Arcanis the Omnipotent
  • Azure Mage
  • Captain of the Mists
  • Cursecatcher
  • Dakra Mystic
  • Descendant of Soramaro
  • Echo Mage
  • Ertai, Wizard Adept
  • Fatespinner
  • Galecaster Colossus
  • Glen Elendra Archmage
  • Information Dealer
  • Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy  Flip
  • Jace’s Archivist
  • Laboratory Maniac
  • Lighthouse Chronologist
  • Magus of the Future
  • Manic Scribe
  • Master of Waves
  • Merfolk Trickster
  • Mizzium Meddler
  • Naban, Dean of Iteration
  • Naru Meha, Master Wizard
  • Omenspeaker
  • Paragon of Gathering Mists
  • Patron Wizard
  • Sigil Tracer
  • Siren Stormtamer
  • Snapcaster Mage
  • Stonybrook Banneret
  • Trinket Mage
  • Voidmage Prodigy

Land (33)

  • Arcane Lighthouse
  • Blighted Cataract
  • Cavern of Souls
  • Coral Atoll
  • 20x Island
  • Lonely Sandbar
  • Memorial to Genius
  • Minamo, School at Water’s Edge
  • Myriad Landscape
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
  • Oboro, Palace in the Clouds
  • Reliquary Tower
  • Riptide Laboratory
  • Temple of the False God

Artifact (8)

  • Elixir of Immortality
  • Howling Mine
  • Nevinyrral’s Disk
  • Sapphire Medallion
  • Sky Diamond
  • Sol Ring
  • Thought Vessel
  • Venser’s Journal

Planeswalker (5)

  • Jace Beleren
  • Jace, the Mind Sculptor
  • Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
  • Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
  • Teferi, Temporal Archmage

Enchantment (11)

  • Back to Basics
  • Dictate of Kruphix
  • Future Sight
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Jace’s Erasure
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Mystic Remora
  • Propaganda
  • Rhystic Study
  • Sphinx’s Tutelage
  • Well of Ideas

Instant (6)

  • Brainstorm
  • Counterspell
  • Cyclonic Rift
  • Long-Term Plans
  • Negate
  • Visions of Beyond

Sorcery (4)

  • Ponder
  • Preordain
  • Wash Out
  • Windfall


So it may not look like a very blue deck having 32 creatures (Don’t panic) but this is Wizard tribal and a lot more themed like control than you would think. The deck uses Azami’s ability to the max by tapping all your Wizards and drawing all those sweet cards. Hopefully having no maximum hand size it can get pretty hectic and you’ll quickly find yourself in a position where you will have pretty much a solution to anything in your hand and can keep things under control.

A deck which wins by milling yourself out and then playing Laboratory Maniac as the simple win con which is easily achieved by drawing your whole deck or by using the lock between Azami, Lady of Scrolls and Mind of Matter.
You can also win by milling other players out with the use of Jace’s Eraser and Sphinx’s Tutelage, which lets you go around the table, milling each person out quickly. Elixir of Immortality keeps you from loosing and shuffling everything back in (always carry protection guys).
The Jace’s will help you lock the game out if no one deals with them or just simply win you the game. The final win-con, of course, is just beating them down, using the Master of Waves to make a whole board 2/1 to end the game.

Cards like Propaganda and Back to basics can really slow others players down and put them off attacking you, yes we do play non-basics but we only really need Blue Mana to do anything drastic. Patron Wizard is a really good card in certain situations, players lands not untapping and then being able to tap Wizards to counter spells? I mean what a joke! even I’ll admit that. With all this going on with Venser’s Journal will really help you get the life back if you took a beating in the early game, or get you too far ahead for damage to lose you the game.

Howling mine, Well of Ideas and Dirate of Kruphix are cards which people won’t mess with it as it helps everyone in the game and people love drawing extra cards! Ponder, Brainstorm and Preordain is the three best draws which can help you sent up your plays for future or help find key pieces for Long-Term Plans which is a little gem of finding the card you need.

This deck is super fun, there is not a lot of counterspells in the deck as that can ruin Commander guys don’t do it 😉

There are loads of cards to talk about and if you have any suggestions or thoughts on the deck let us know!

Tapped Out Decklist!

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