Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? No, just Arclight Phoenix….

Arran Sahota | 19th November 2018

Team constructed happened over the weekend on SCG tour.  Team constructed is when you have three players playing three different formats in this case, Legacy, Modern and Standard all in a line playing against another team and they’re members playing the same format. 

There are two decks which stuck out together one being in Modern and then the other in Standard and they are decks called Izzet Phoenix(Modern) and Izzet Spells(Standard) both these decks do almost the same play pattern by first getting the Phoenix into the graveyard and then following up by a bunch of spells to return it.

In Modern, this card is really easy to put into the graveyard with the power of Faithless Looting which lets you draw two and then discard two.  You can bring it back on turn two by using Manamorphose and then using two cantrips, Thought Scour, Lightning Bolt, Sleight Hand, Serums and Opt these are quick tools to get this 3/2 flying, haste back. These are also cheap spells can help you quickly flip your Thing in the Ice into Awoken Horror which is another quick end to the opponent’s life total. Mardu Pryomancer decks have started to pick this up as well which has loads of cheap spells to quickly bring it back and as Mardu is a grindy deck, this gives it a strong finisher. Both these decks have a creature which will help them get to the end goal with the use of Bedlam Reveler which discards your hand and draws three, which also seems pretty good. 

While standard takes a longer root and using cards like Chart a Course to draw two and then discard one makes it a bit slower but still effective. Also using the new mechanic Jump-Start with the main card being Radical Ideal and then there is also Beacon Bolt which helps out as well. Discovery / Dispersal using the Discovery half mainly can really help you cut out dead draws or drop Archlight Phoenix into the graveyard. Most of these spells cost two mana instead of one but by the power of Goblin Electromancer is makes it seem a lot easier. There are other win cons in this deck as well with some other fliers being Enigma Drake and Crackling Drake which are very powerful as you will be casting loads of spells. Then is one more big flying in the name of Niv-Mizzet, Parun who is a powerhouse when he the hits the battlefield. 

Both these decks are in the different format but are both trying to do the same thing and trying to cheat out creatures and end the game quickly. Archlight Phoenix is a great card, well designed and also makes the player build their whole deck around it.

Will this deck stay strong? Or will drop out of favour quickly?? 

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