A Good Cause – Fluffywolf2

Arran Sahota | 26th November 2018

So today’s blog is a little off-topic to our usual nonsense!

A couple of months ago I donated to a streamer I watch called Fluffywolf2 who is a Magic streamer who mainly plays Mono Red Prison in Modern. Fluffywolf2 is a very good magic player who has a fantastic knowledge of the game and if you looking for those turn one Blood Moons this is your guy. He has a really good understanding of his deck and answers for almost every matchup. 

I wanted to share him with you guys because he is an excellent streamer who does some wonderful work for the general gaming community through a charity called Extra life.

Extra Life is a way for streamers to play games and raise money for sick children at the same time, this can be an amazing way for people who want to raise money to do it through something they love. Fluffywolf’s original target was $500 which with lots of love and support was easily hit and later raised. 
With my donation, I received some gifts from Fluffywolf. All on his behalf to say thank you for my donation. I got three booster packs, one Mythic pack and two boosters of Guilds of Ravnica and two pins which you can see below (one is signed on the back). 

This is a fairly unknown streamer who has gone out of his way for a good cause. This person is not a pro player, but has a lot of knowledge and should be heard and watched, and given the support, he deserves for all the good he’s doing. 

People like this make the community a wonderful and heartwarming place, we need to relish in this and make sure it continues!  

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