Five mana Control walkers

Arran Sahota | 29th November 2018

Five mana Planewalkers are normally really strong, can change the board and be your win con for the game. Slamming your walkers down on turn five hoping that it would survive to then let you untap and protect the walker until it wins you the game. This is not the case for one walker, Teferi, Hero of Dominara who sits with a $59.99 price tag. 

Image result for mtg teferi hero of dominaria

This is the question, why would you play another control walker when Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is strictly better. Mainly just looking at Teferi’s+1 ability which lets you draw and untap two lands. His -3 is not too crazy as it just delays your Opponent and his -8 lets you win the game if your able to keep drawing.  So why is he so much money? His +1 letting you draw and untaping lands lets you protect him or keep up an counter for your opponents next spell. 
Lets look at other five mana walkers who would sit in the same seat as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.

This is Ral, Izzet Viceroy a five mana walker in Izzet colours and would mainly be played in control decks. His +1 lets you draw through your deck getting to look at two cards, one goes in the bin and the other to your hand. -3 kills almost everything in the modern and standard format as the graveyard / exile is loaded with Instant and sorcery spells, then looking at his -8 which pretty much ends the game. There is nothing wrong with him, every piece of his kit seems amazing, all three options on him do something which can have a massive impact on the game state.

Image result for mtg jace unraveler of secrets

Jace, Unravler of Secrets was an amazing card in standard but doesn’t see modern at all as his four mana version is just that much better. +1 Scry 1, then draw a card, -2 Return target creature and then -8 Counter your opponents first spell. Very similar to the other two, having the ability to Draw, then remove something and then the power to win / lock the game out.  There is nothing weak about him, a very balanced walker but Teferi just seems to do that bit more. 

Image result for ob nixilis

Ob, Nixilis Reignited, a mono black planeswalker who again has the same, +1 draw a card and does something else, lose a life which can be a good thing. -3 remove a creature from the battlefield and then the -8 lets you win the game by giving them an horrible Emblem.  This is balanced though as he takes times to tick up and if you slam on turn five and remove a creature and then they kill it, it happens. 

These four planeswalkers are all designed to be big hitters and giving the player a way to draw a card, remove a creature or another pearmenat and then win the game if left alone. The fact that Teferi lets you have also have the ability to untap lands to protect it pushes it over the edge. Something so small, can have an massive effect on the meta and in some cases warp the game.

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