Making The Most Out of a GP

Abbi Lloyd | 5th December 2018

IT’S ME. I’m back, and wholeheartedly sorry for my lack of presence these past few weeks (If you guys could just pretend you noticed my absence, that’d be great xo) This past month has been a bit all over the place and I don’t care how off topic this is but I GOT A PUPPY! Who eats everything and needs constant adult supervision.  He has taken up all my time and I am SHATTERED but excited to talk about Magic again, does it still exist? Have Wizards started caring about us yet? What year is it?! 

*Please see picture of Cooper for cuteness context 

I thought a nice easy one to get back into the swing of things would be a Top 10! And with Liverpool around the corner, I thought it fitted! So here I go with my Top 10 tips for making the most out of a GP, especially for any first timers out there. (I’m sorry guys I just can’t call it a Magicfest… I need time.)

10. You Don’t Have To Be In The Main Event To Make It Worth Going.

Magic GPs are a weekend packed with sweaty halls, intense games, shopping paradises and so much more, and they RULE. Whether you dabble in casual commander, kick ass in Legacy, or want to buy that Black Lotus you’ve taken a second mortgage out for, this is your place. It has so much to offer you won’t even notice the main event going on. If you’re not ready for that level of competition, or just the hours sitting down, that’s more than ok. There are always TONS of side events, including on-demand, most formats literally at your fingertips. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people, see a new place, and get that intense magic fix. There’s always a varying amount of shops and stalls, so whatever card you’ve been trying to find for 2 months, I guarantee you someone is selling it there. It’s a good place to sell cards for cash or credit, or even use your prize Tix! The prize stand usually offering a decent range of choices. 

9. Go With Many Pennies

GPs are a great weekend, however, it is hard to make them a cheap weekend. If you know you’re going, and you’re travelling for the whole weekend, take a decent amount of spending money! Packages are offered for side events (Although with Liverpool selling out you can see how that may still be a risky play) and are usually a good deal if you plan to play plenty of Magic. You’re bound to find something on the stalls you like, not to mention the Artist tables! Then of course eating and accommodation! It’s a holiday, plan it like one!

8. Be Social

99% Of Magic players are amazing and kind people. In side events, or more so on demand, you don’t get the heavy competitiveness as much as you would in the main event. A lot of players will also go alone, or in small groups, so everyone is always up for a chat, or making new friends, or a casual game of modern with your burgers from the expensive van they’ve got hired out! It will make your time 100x more enjoyable! Smile, say hi, and kick butt!

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Take It a Little Seriously Sometimes

A lot of the side events, like the Modern Double-ups etc, can still be quite competitive at times, (In a good way) They can be more serious than your local FNM, and you shouldn’t be afraid t treat them this way, if unsure, or worried about something your opponent is doing, don’t be afraid to call a judge. Take your time with your plays,  and extra care with triggers!

6. Spend Your Tix Wisely

When you get handed your first set of Tix it can be easy to rush over to the prize wall and blow them all on boosters straight off the bat. Just MAKE SURE you know what you want to get out of your Tix before you start winning them, you might find saving them over the weekend and going home with two Booster boxes, a t-shirt and some sleeves might feel better then getting 5 booster packs at a time over the course of the 3 days!  and feeling like you gained nothing at the end of it! Of course if you want to spend them on a constant flow of standard boosters then go for it! 

5. Be Organised

Have a general plan for the weekend, it doesn’t have to be a military operation, but at least glance at the event schedule before you go! Find out which events you think you’d be interested in and what times they are each day! It makes it less overwhelming when you have to turn up and figure out whats going on and where you are and who you are. Have your DCI to hand!!!! 


You know the drill! An important rule of mine for any event/tournament/GP. Always have a bottle of water with you and a snack! It’ll save you money as the venue options will always be very expensive, and they’re gonna be long days!

3. Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Try a Chaos Draft (A lot of fun) Or Commander with strangers! THG with your mate! Events like this are the perfect opportunity to find your new obsession, and learn from people!

2. Check Out The City

It’s going to be a fun packed busy weekend, but if you’re in a city you’ve never been to before, try and find the time to have a little explore, take a break and a stroll, or find somewhere nice for dinner! You’ve found yourself there, you may as well have an explore, who knows what you might find! Earlier this year we went to the GP in Bolognia and it was amazing! being able to combine Magic with discovering a new place was incredible and I can’t wait to do it again.

1. Have Fun!

You heard it here first, Magic is designed for you to enjoy! So ENJOY IT DAMMIT.

We will be at Liverpool all weekend! Possibly vlogging some of it too. Please do say hi! We’d love to meet some of you guys, or you could kick our butts at Modern or Commander! CAN’T WAIT! 

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