Arran’s Top 10 Favourite Snow cards

17th December 2018 | Arran Sahota

Snow cards were first printed in Ice age back in 1995 and were the 6th Expansion for Magic the Gathering. For a bit of an understanding on how Snow cards work; Snow is a subtype which has no inherent functionality but instead it is an identifying characteristic. This probably doesn’t sound like something which would come up in common MTG and probably something you have never seen before, unless of course, you have seen Skred Red in Modern. Below are the snow basic lands you can get for your decks if something in the list you like and want to build around it!

Ice Age Snow Basic’s
Cold Snap Snow Basic’s

This list will be targeted towards all formats, most of these will fit under Commander as Snow type cards aren’t big and there is not loads of them.

10. Skred

Skred is probably the most used Snow card out there, used in the decklist Skred Red in Modern, which is a mono-red list which wins by using Korth, Chandra’s or Dragons.

9. Phyrexian Soulgorger

Coldsnap: Phyrexian Soulgorger

Three mana 8/8 seems pretty worth it, with the little downside of Sacrificing a creature on upkeep but maybe you’re playing a token deck in Commander this could just be a big hitter in early parts of the game right?. Modern this could be cool with a token deck as a one-off but nothing crazy.

8. Drift of the Dead

Ice Age: Drift of the Dead

Drift of the Dead can become pretty big if you’re going to have all snow lands in your deck and even if you’re in Mono-Black this could block anything. Being a Wall this does have defender which is a bit of a letdown but still a four mana for a 4/4 which keeps growing as the game goes on.

7. Rimewind Cyromancer

Coldsnap: Rimewind Cryomancer

Rimewind Cryomancer is a Stifle on a stick which is pretty sweet and if your deck works with Humans or Wizards which are two pretty common tribal options maybe you could fit her in there. This is a commander card for sure and can really stop people ultimating their planeswalkers. This is too slow for modern, being a 2/3 everything kills it super easy 😦

6. Rimefeather Owl

Coldsnap: Rimefeather Owl

Rimefeather Owl; this odd seven mana snow creature can really get out of hand as first off it comes down as a 7/7 flyer and if the games goes to a standstill it will just keep growing by making everything a snow permanent. The poor owl would still be too slow for modern.

5. Rimescale Dragon

Coldsnap: Rimescale Dragon

Snow Dragon… yes please! This seven mana 5/5 seems pretty weak for the mana you have to put into it but then paying three mana (1 snow of course) you can have creatures tapped down forever, even when the dragon goes away, it will still stay tapped.

4. Glacial Plating

Coldsnap: Glacial Plating

Armour up your big guy.. so he keeps growing by +3/+3 each turn seems pretty sweet to me. There is the downside that you will have to keep sinking mana on your upkeep but if everyone is dying or losing their board does it matter?. Great commander card which can be equipment to your commander to end the game fast after you have been sitting there for two hours.

3. Winters Night

Alliances: Winter's Night

Commander card incing, this card can quickly ramp you for that one big turn to play a massive threat and to lock out the game. Funny thing about this card is it does effect everyone but who plays all snow-lands in their deck right? Being in Naya colours normally means there is a massive creature which can be cast.

2. Glacial Crevasses

Ice Age: Glacial Crevasses

Red has a fog a effect? this one seems really out of place as it is normally green that has a fog effect for the game. By just losing one of your Mountains and you can live to tell the tale of how your mono red deck managed to fog the battlefield.

1. Scrying Sheets

Coldsnap: Scrying Sheets

This is probably the most important card for all snow decks as it lets you draw an extra card and help you filter through your deck super fast. Keeping you alive, making every draw count when everyone is on top deck mode in commander games and when in Modern your looking to keep yourself in the game.

These aren’t meant to be competitive but this list can just show you want theme deck you could make the Christmas holidays for this year or maybe plan for next year!.

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