Musical Chairs at GP Liverpool

Abbi Marie | 2nd January 2019

SO It’s been a while and this post is a little late but I wanted to have a lovely quiet Christmas to recover from life! but HAPPY NEW YEAR, can you believe it? 2018, wtf was that right?? Here’s to another year of surviving! And here is also my little blog post on our trip to Liverpool for the GP!

With our intense need to spend all our money on cardboard and to play with cardboard against people sublimely better than us we were to be found at GP Liverpool, apparently along with every other MTG player in the UK.

We had planned to do the main event, but things occurred and we didn’t have a sufficient team in time, and honestly I’m relieved this was the case, it would’ve been my first GP, and although doing my first GP in a team would’ve been a nice introduction to like, real, competitive Magic, I think the venue and set-up would’ve made enjoying the experience awfully difficult for me. I ALWAYS love a GP, and Liverpool was no different, the atmosphere of meeting new people, (and some of you guys!) As well as shopping for oddities and watching people blow copious amounts of Tix on UMA box toppers are always a whirlwind of a weekend, and I typically enjoy the next one even more than the last.

I started my weekend with the long train journey from Oxford to Liverpool (3 and a half hours may be child’s play to you guys but trains are not my forte) However due to sheer luck on my connection at New Street I sat myself down next to two guys who were on the way to the GP! We got chatting and they were absolutely wonderful and let me tag along with them all the way to the venue, we also ran into Simon Nielsen, who joined us on the way to the GP! (My first run-in with a Magic celebrity!) We then met up throughout the weekend to play Commander, turns out they live not too far from me at home! So hopefully I am meeting up with them again to play more Magic! Meeting them made my excitement for the weekend increase tenfold. The journey from the station to the venue was super easy and Liverpool is honestly a lovely clean and vibrant city. (It did tip it down on and off over the weekend but I’m gonna brush over that)

Day one was pretty hectic and I spent most of it shopping for bits for my Zedruu Commander deck, as well as selling off a big chunk of our folder jank! And picking up some Mutavaults for my Modern Faerie Deck. I also picked up a booster pack of UMA, Gatecrash (and honestly I can’t remember the third) for a Chaos Draft in the evening. I played some Commander and said Hi to a few people I recognised from FNMs and Tournaments. I also ran into someone I’d only ever spoken to online but had been a big help to me when I had some stuff going on with my content creation! So it was amazing to meet her in person and be able to introduce myself and say thank you! You should definitely check her out on Twitter if you don’t follow her already! MoMAbbieBurger  (Plus we have the same name so)

Meeting people like this and making new friends is one of the best parts of the Magic community and I absolutely love how easy GPs make that!

The Chaos Draft was fantastic, and I won of course. Although I was a little upset that they had replaced the on-demand Chaos Drafts at the GP for UMA drafts, It did make sense with the timing of the release, but, the UMA Drafts were a lot more expensive, and a little upsetting for those of us that love a Chaos Draft GP treat (It can be hard to get good packs outside a GP as well as people willing to put the money in) However this didn’t hinder my weekend and I found a great deal of 4 UMA packs for 30£ which saw me a lovely Karn!

One massive downside I did find with the GP in Liverpool was the size of the venue, we figured it was going to be fairly busy as the constructed fanatic package sold out a couple days before and we were warned on the Saturday especially that we may not get into side events if we didn’t have a package. It didn’t turn out to be this drastic, we squeezed a Modern side event in, in which I went 1-3 I believe? God my memory is shocking. Wasn’t my best performance, but give me a break guys it was hot in there and I hadn’t played my modern deck in like a month jeez.

I remember playing against Burn, which is a super easy matchup for me, but being sucker-punched by a very good storm player. The rest is a blur to be honest! This was the only sanctioned side event we managed to get in and honestly if you weren’t in a side event space was a massive issue. Before our Modern event, there was nowhere to simply sit and wait/play casual Magic, which at most GPs you can do no worries. Once you were sat for a few minutes, an event would start and you’d be shifted, this happened a few times before we decided it wasn’t meant to be. We were then told there was casual seating upstairs in the other rooms that had just been opened for the GP, but once we’d made our way up there both rooms were chocked full with more side events, and there were no seats available. Of course Side events and on-demand should get first priority as that is a big part of the GP and people pay to enter them, It just got incredibly hot, crowded and frustrating when you had to hang around in order to wait for your event to start, but there wasn’t actually anywhere to hang around. We ended up sitting in the corridor and played Commander on the floor till our Modern event started. These things do happen and it didn’t make my weekend any less enjoyable, but I did feel that other venues like London and Birmingham had been much more suitable for the event itself, and despite them knowing packages and the main event had sold out, it took them till the last minute to get some more rooms going.

We did document what we could of the GP in a new video on our Youtube Channel! (Took us long enough) Including some pack openings and random shenanigans. We’d love it if you could check it out!

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