PixieKittenPlays The Generic Question Game! (An Interview, Basically)

Abbi Marie | 4th January 2019

With our journey into the world of Magic content creation, I have met a large number of amazing people in a short amount of time, and I feel that meeting all these cool and talented people Its hard to understand how EVERYONE doesn’t know who they are. Reaching out to some of the people I met I explained I would love to feature people and they’re content on our blog to get some names out there as best I could and show people just how many awesome people are doing content creation for people like you guys!

PixieKitten was one of the first people to reach out to me, she was an absolute pleasure to talk to, even though my planning was all over the place (As per), I had checked out her stuff before and was impressed! However upon some personal communication I found my admiration for her rocket even more! And of course, It’s fab to see someone batting for the ladies, here here!

I composed some questions to send her just to give you guys a little insight into Pixie as a person before you promptly go and check out her content!

How long have you been playing magic? what got you into it?

“So, I have been playing Magic for a couple of years, I guess, but only VERY casually. I randomly bought a Kaladesh deck builders toolkit at the store a couple of years ago. My partner and I opened all the packs and tried to build decks to play against each other. At the time, we had just stopped playing World of Warcraft as we didn’t have the time to dedicate to the game anymore and wanted something to replace hole left in our hearts from WoW, but that would be much more casual (we actually met on World on Warcraft and both raiding pretty seriously for several years, so the game definitely holds a significant place in our hearts and always will <3). We picked up Magic to try it out as a new hobby. We pretty much had no idea what we were doing or how to play but played occasionally with our sort of made up rules for the most part. At the beginning of this year (2018), I was searching for a podcast to listen to while at work and came across Good Luck High Five, which is a Magic podcast and started listening. I became a lot more interested in Magic through listening and over the next few months into summer, I started following Magic news and actually learning the rules of the game to play correctly. My partner and I started playing a lot of Winston drafting at home with our Kaladesh cards and really enjoyed playing that way! Right before Core Set 2019 came out, I started really getting the game and so that was my first set release. So, to answer your question, I started playing CORRECTLY around July of 2018, but technically was playing for a couple years before that.”

What deck are you currently playing?

“I currently play a Vampires deck (that just rotated out of standard, but I would like to update for standard play) and I have a BW Brisela deck that I am building and tweaking to make more playable and consistent (but I am really nubby at building constructed decks, so it’s a real work in progress!)”

What made you choose that deck?

“I love playing lifegain and vampires is a quintessential lifegain deck in my opinion! My favourite colours to play are also black and white, so it is just all-around the style that I personally find enjoyable. I enjoy the dark side of playing black with mechanics like deathtouch, regeneration, and sacrifice; and I like the goodness of playing white with lifelink, vigilance, and removal. All this plus playing creatures makes me happy, so I have just immediately gravitated towards vampires!”

What formats do you play?

“As far as constructed goes, I play Standard and Modern currently. I am totally open to playing other formats, but since I am so new to the game, I have not yet branched out any farther. I really love playing limited and booster drafting is my favourite! I will play a sealed draft, but if I’m completely honest, I do better with fewer options to choose from and so I prefer doing a booster draft. I played my first ever booster draft in September of 2018 and won my round 1 which I was SO PROUD OF! At that point, I had never played paper magic against anyone other than my partner and had never drafted before (other than Winston drafting at home); I had only been playing Magic Arena for about a month at that time, so didn’t have very much experience from that yet either. I was ecstatic that I was able to build a deck and actually win! I suppose this is the reason that I fell in love with booster drafting and look forward to playing that format when I have the chance.”

If you could build any deck, (monetary value aside) what would you build?

“I don’t know a lot about different types of really powerful decks, because I don’t follow too closely. A couple of decks that I have heard of that I would be interested in trying are, Soul Sisters and Death and Taxes. Soul Sisters seems intriguing to me because it uses a lot of little creatures and has lifegain, styles I like playing! I would also be interested in trying out a Death and Taxes deck which seems like it would be fun!”

What does your content offer to Magic players new and old? 

“My contact has a wide range of variety from pack openings to arena gameplay. My hope is that both new and seasoned players will get a laugh out of the videos that I make! I like to make silly videos of comedy sketches to make people laugh. I definitely make a lot of mistakes and don’t know what I’m doing most of the time so my arena gameplay can be quite entertaining as well. Sometimes I post vlogs as well, where I talk about my journey into magic.”

What do you think about the Ultimate Masters set?

“I don’t have strong opinions on Ultimate masters because 1. I’m a new player and don’t really understand it, and 2. It seems to me that these masters sets are supposed to be special edition collectors stuff, so while the prices are significantly higher than regular sets, I don’t have any issue with it because overall, the cards are more valuable.” 

What is your favourite magic card?

“I don’t even know if I can answer this question!!! Can you pick one magic card that is your favourite? Um… maybe an Ajani planeswalker!”

Do you ever go to GPs / Events where people could meet you if they’d like to?

“I don’t currently have plans to go to any GP’s at this time, but will probably go at some time in the future! I do go to DragonCon in Atlanta, GA every year, and would love to meet up with anyone there and maybe play some games of Magic!”

How did you go about deciding to become a content creator?

“Well, I feel like I was inspired by Meghan and Maria from Good Luck High Five to begin making silly videos as I was opening booster packs and it has somewhat evolved from there! They are visible woman in the most male-dominated realm of magic the gathering, and they a great example of how anyone can get out there and do this and be successful at it! Honestly, I had no idea that so many other people were making content as well, but it has overall been a really great experience and community is extremely opening and supportive! Making content is a creative outlet for me and gives me an excuse to play more Magic!!!”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of content creating themselves? 

“To anyone considering making content, do what you love. Talk about what you love. Don’t try to fit into a mould and make the same stuff other people are making because you’ll get nowhere. Do things your own way and with your own flare, and you’ll be happier for it…. whether or not you get droves of followers and subs.”

I’d like to personally thank PixieKitten for taking the time to answer my questions fully and honestly, as well as putting up with my mess of organisation skills with the patience of a saint! I truly hope you guys enjoy her content as much as I did!

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