Modern Faeries (But there are actual Faeries)

Abbi Marie | 7th January 2019

So I’ve been building and playing my Mono-White Enchantment deck pretty much since I started out playing Modern, and as much as I love it, sometimes it’s nice to have another option to play. I looked at general decks in the formats and what had been Top 8-ing over time and nothing screamed at me like my Enchantment combo did. I had 4 copies of Bitterblossom from when I tried black in my deck and that made me think ‘Hey, I’ve already got a playset of one of the most expensive cards in the deck, why not build the rest’. SO Faeries it was! However when I then went and found some good Faeries lists that had done well to work from, I came to a horrid discovery, there were barely any Faeries in the Faerie deck?! THE HORROR. Everything I loved about the idea of having a Faerie deck, (Faeries, Tribal, Flying, you get the idea) had come to a bitter sweet reality, the more Faeries you put in the deck, the less competitive the deck became, the space was always better filled with a counter, kill spell, or even a Snapcaster.

Refusing to give up, I hunted list after list and have been on and off testing my Faerie deck for a little while now, and I believe I managed to create a list that can be both decent and predominately Tribal. (Pause for applause) But no seriously It took a while but I was determined to have more than just Bitterblossom and Vendilion Clique in the deck.

I thought I would share my list with you guys! It may not win any GPs, but it’s more than FNM playable and a damn lot of fun! Plus it’s nice to have a good match up against control to be honest…


  • 4x Spellstutter Sprite
  • 3x Scion of Oona
  • 2x Vendilion Clique
  • 2x Mistbind Clique


  • 4x Bitterblssom
  • 3x Spreading Seas
  • 1x Search for Azcanta


  • 3x Fatal Push
  • 3x Cryptic Command
  • 2x Cast Down
  • 1x Logic Knot
  • 2x Mana Leak


  • 4x Inquisition of Kozilek
  • 2x Collective Brutality


  • 1x Sword of Feast and Famine
  • 1x Sword of Fire and Ice


  • 2x Creeping Tar Pit
  • 2x Drowned Catacomb
  • 4x Island
  • 3x Mutavault
  • 4x Polluted Delta
  • 4x Secluded Glen
  • 2x Swamp
  • 2x Watery Grave


  • 2x Ceremonious Rejection
  • 1x Collective Brutality
  • 2x Countersquall
  • 1x Damnation
  • 1x Glen Elendra Archmage
  • 2x Nihil Spellbomb
  • 1x Sower of Temptation
  • 1x Sword of Body and Mind
  • 1x Sword of Light and Shadow
  • 1x Sword of War and Peace
  • 2x Thoughtseize
TCGPlayer price around $955.

So you do still need a few Instants and Sorceries to make it function at all, but for those who prefer their Creatures, this is defiantly more of the deck for you! I find it still has the strength and elements of Control, but still holds a bit more interaction to it’s gameplay.

We’ve got our absolute Faerie essentials, the ones that you’ll find in pretty much any version of a U/B Faerie Deck:

Once I’d picked out these basics I started to work around it, I found 4 Cryptics were too much for the mana curve, and 3 Blue can be awkward at times. I definitely wanted 4 Bitterblossoms, as a turn 2 Bitterblossom was when I won 99% of my games, and 4 Spellstutters as with that turn 2 Bitterblossom it pretty much was always a hard counter. Any more than 2 Vendilion Cliques also felt like overkill, especially as I also had 2 Mistbind Cliques for bigger hitters, and then Inquisitions for more hand hate. They can just be a game changer later on in the game, and a massive bonus as you can target yourself to refresh a card in your hand if you’re struggling.

Scion of Oona is a good addition to the list that wasn’t in many of the decks I saw online. The fact it gives all your Faeries (Tokens and Bitterblossom included) Shroud is a massive plus in any game and stops people shutting down your game pace. A synergy plus is that even though your Faeries have Shroud, they can still be Championed for Mistbind Clique, as Championing doesn’t target! Plus taking a heavy amount of tokens from 1/1s to 2/2s can be a game changer.

The swords were a little bit of a trial and error situation, we happened to have Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Feast and Famine hanging about so I figured I’d give it a go. They worked for the most part but could be clunky or not what you needed at a certain point in the game, BUT the protection of colours (If it was the right combo) and some of the effects became a win con in themselves, so I was determined to work around it. I decided I definitely didn’t need more than 1 of the same sword, in case of it becoming too much of a dead draw, and as all the swords are pretty neat, adding the rest in the sideboard to interchange depending on the colour protection worked out pretty well.

I found the ‘Untap all your lands’ ability on the Sword of Feast and Famine was an absolute GOD MOVE, and when all your stuff has flying 99% of the time, it’s hitting your opponent smack in the face, so the ability nearly always goes off. Also, the Swords that just do extra damage come in handy if you’ve got an opponent whose deck is a little faster than yours, as Faeries is a bit of a slow burn of a game.

It took me a while to get the swing of it, this deck it’s completely different and requires a lot more thinking than my Enchantment deck, and honestly, I’m still not very good at it, but I’ve really enjoyed the change of pace!

I’d love to hear what you guys think! Any other Faerie players out there?! I never meet anyone who plays it!

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