Modern Monday Discussion – Why Aren’t Slivers popular!?

Arran Sahota| 11th February 2019

Welcome to another Modern Mondays! This week we are going to looking at Slivers which have been around seen Tempest which was released October 14th, 1997. Slivers have an ability that grants all Slivers the same ability which then makes them all unique to each other.

The first cycle of Slivers was at common and uncommon rarity making it easy to have loads of different types of Slivers. The common cycle at the start was Talon Sliver, Winged Sliver, Clot Sliver, Heart Sliver, and Muscle Sliver which will be in the picture below.

Yes yes some of these aren’t Modern legal due to the time frame on printing but this will give you an idea on how our Modern Slivers decks will look as this same theme has ran all the way through from Tempest printing to Magic 2015.

Now lets look at some more recent prints and what cards you would put into your Modern Slivers deck and then look why this deck is not played.

There are so many of this Slivers that you can choose from, there are ones that are giving haste to be more agro, lifelink which seems good vs a deck like burn. Diffusion Sliver which gives them protection from spot removal spells, there is also one that provides ramp and then one providing Regeneration. There is so much to choose from but there is one thing that seems to be missing and that is the fact there is no disruptions.

Having lords is amazing but the lords only give +1/+1 unlike the Merfolk lords which also give Islandwalk. There is a Sliver that gives Flying but then when you look at Spirits they already have flying. Humans have cards which help vs combo decks and has also hand disruption on top of an aggro deck.

I feel like there is something strong about this deck but it feels like the deck is also missing something compared to other tribal decks. Thought Slivers does it get its own land with Sliver Hive which really cool.

I wish this deck was stronger and wizards would print cards for this tribal to give it a boost as the foundations are already there. I want to hear your thoughts about these guys!

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