Modern Monday Discussion – Mystical Teachings / Wilderness Reclamation

Arran Sahota| 4th March 2019

Welcome back to another Monday Modern Discussion!

Today we are going to look at a card which was released in Time Spiral and then looking at a newer card which has been released in Ravnica Allegiance, and how these two cards are the main body of the control type deck.

Mystical Teachings is a card which allows you to grab an instant card or a creature with flash, which is key as Snapcaster / Torrential Gearhulk both have flash. Then Wilderness Reclamation, now if your not sure how powerful it is, go watch some Simic Nexus in Standard. It pretty much lets you have double your mana, especially when you’re using Instants and Flash creatures!
Turn 4 you play WIlderness Reclamation, untap four lands and then cast Mystical Teachings on their end step to grab Abrupt Decay to kill their creature on your turn.

This does sound long-winded and seems like it would be easier just to play control but this deck lets you play loads of 1-offs and it is the Chord of Calling deck for true control players.

There is one other new card that has made it into this deck as well which is growth Spiral and it’s a massive part of this deck. This card lets you draw and then play another land either on their turn or yours. This is the explore type which fits into this deck, as you are able to let your lands untap on end step and then play Growth Spiral cycle for a new card and then hopefully place a land.

Below I have given an example of the type of deck this could look like, as you will see there is a lot of one-ofs and almost everything is at Instant speed or has Flash.

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