Modern Monday Discussion – Neoform Combo

Arran Sahota | 4th May 2019

As War of the Spark cards have now been released people of course are going to try and break cards as fast as possible. So here we go with a new card called Neoform which is very similar to a called named Eldritch Evolution which was released back in Eldritch Moon and back then something similar happened with that card too but the deck didn’t stay around.

Above are the two cards side by side and the big difference is that Neoform is one mana cheaper making it quicker to go off.

The idea of these two decks is to fetch a card called Allosaurus Rider which lets you play itself for free by exiling two green cards. Sounds pretty bad though right in till you look at it mana cost and realise that it costs one cheaper then Griselbrand.

If you guys are wondering why your random copies of Allosaurus Rider have spiked… well here is the deck which might make or break the modern format.


If you didn’t know what the Griselbrand combo deck in Modern is here well we will quickly talk you through it. Griselbrand lets you draw seven cards by paying seven life which of course lowers your life total so you need a way to get more life back right!?

The life gain doesn’t come from the simple way of just having lifelink off Griselbrand because remember he doesn’t have haste, so we have to look at the best set in magic called Kamigawa which has all the great cards in.
The card Nourishing Shoal which basically reads exile a green creature from your hand, like an Autochthon Wurm or Chancellor of the Tangle and gain that much life to that creatures convert mana cost. Life gain packed sorted.

Lets look at the mana ramping to allow you to get this combo going. We have Chancellor of the Tangle which as you can see plays two parts of the combo in the life gain section and mana ramp. Simian Spirit Guide clearly has to be here and then Wild Cantor which is the slowest but it lets you have three mana on turn two.

Of course we need cards which help glue the deck together like by making Green and Blue mana which we have Manamorphose and also the land base is Blue / Green lands which helps a ton. We also need to find our first creature easier by the use of Summoner’s Pact which allows you to find the Allosaurus Rider which then starts the process of the deck. We never pay for pact…. because we have already won.

Win cons are Lightning Storm or Laboratory Maniac, so you’re either throwing lands at people or drawing your last card to win.

This deck is full of crazy cards which are everywhere and do not make any sense on paper, please find a deck list below though!

Thanks for reading!!

Deck list:

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