Modern Monday Discussion – God-Eternal Oketra

Arran Sahota | 13th May 2019

If you watch standard at all you will know that God-Eternal Oketra is a very powerful card with unlimited resources if your playing a mainly creature deck. If you don’t know what this card does well lets take a look shall we!

Deck list will be attached below with God-Eternal Oketra in.

God-Eternal Oketra is an five mana, double white and three colour for an 3/6 which has Double strike, which already can trade with a lot of creatures in modern. The ability makes 4/4 black Zombie Warrior creature tokens which also have vigilance, whenever you cast a creature spell which you should be doing a lot in the deck you are playing. The last ability makes sure it kind of sticks nearby forever as your able to put it back into the library third from the top.

Where does this fit though? Maybe in an martyr proc variation which wants to grind the game out, then having a big hitter of an card. Yea five mana is a lot to cast but soul sisters doesn’t end the game that quickly and really makes the game go super long.
Then if your top decking an Martyr of Sands or an Thraben Inspector you will get a 4/4 on cast and then an body itself.
Ranger of Eos again is another card which is four mana on the face but when it enters you get to get two one cmc creatures which could lead to then having twelve power on the board.

Mentioned before it does cost five mana and could sit in your hand for a while but if youre able to get to five mana in the game maybe you just win from there. Its the card which will bring soul sisters back up or will just be another hope that fails!

Thanks for reading!

Deck list :

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