London GP 2019 with my five Modern events… this is just a report ;)


Well here is my story with my first ever time getting an Fanatic Package for an GP. I love modern and I could play it every day of the week but I never thought I would able to do five events with the Constructed Fanatic package I brought which was £80. If you don’t know what the package contains I will give you a quick run down!

  • Five (5) vouchers good for any Fanatic-eligible Constructed tournament
  • Two (2) Turbo-Town Vouchers
  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Fanatic Playmat (Art Promo Lightning Bolt)
  • Exclusive 2019 Grand Prix Foil Promo Lightning Bolt
  • Deck Box

The five vouchers can be used for any Modern / Standard or Legacy normal or double event which is great as I did manage to do three double ups. If you enter an normal which is the normal prize tixs you get an foil basic land, if you enter double which is just double the prize tixs you get an non-foil lightning bolt. This is pretty good if your able to do three double-up as the bolts are premium to the events and will only be collected through magic fest side events.
Really I just wanted the bolts!!!

Turbo-Town is a quick game you sit down play vs a random person for tix’s in any format you choose which is kind of sweet if your looking to only play a bit of an format.
Then the last two are just almost you get a playmat with the new magicfest bolt on and then a foily bolt which is pretty sick if your into foils.

Also to enter events this saves time, you get little square pieces of paper which have your DCI and Name which you simply drop into a box of the chosen event, on more hassle with writing on that piece of paper and going rummaging through your bag trying to find your DCI.

Please note the package has changed for other Gps!

This package was great I was able to play my five events and have a good time over the weekend and I was able to play hours of Modern. Which then lead me getting two boxes, one Guilds of Ravnica which was cracked for no draft value and just for fun!! and the other Ravnica Allegiance which I am keeping for my Birthday draft :D!.

All and all a amazing weekend and would do it again, though I do recommend doing this with someone who would share the events or maybe have a couple of you do it as you able to hang out with someone between rounds. Also if you planning on a big group of your coming to shop and play commander you will have very little time to do that!! This is something I didn’t think about as doing these side events filled my needs for magic and filled my time, there was little time for causal commander!

If you ever get a chance to get any of package just do it, and see how it goes, your always busy and your able to play so much magic for the weekend!! If you don’t like it, you won’t have to do it again!

Little video of London Magicfest :

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