Modern Monday Discussion – Are Flusterstorm and Force of Negation overhyped for Modern?

Arran Sahota | 27th May 2019

Sooo Modern Hoizons is looking more like a commander set with a lot of cards that will not impact Modern! Though today we are going to look at the impact of the card Flusterstorm which is a legacy staple, but, will it be that good in Modern!?

Then after we’ll look at Force of Negation which is a function reprint of Force of Will.

Flusterstorm is a 1 blue mana counter target instant or sorcery spell unless it controller pays 1. The card also has storm so each spell cast this turn the spell that is getting countered, theu will have to pay 1 more for. Compared to legacy which has massive stacks with Force of Will in the format making Flusterstorm really strong.

Modern has a lot more enchantments, artifices and planeswalkers which flusterstorm won’t be able to hit. Yes this does work really good vs storm combo decks but then again storm itself will play this card. The card which this will compete against is Spell Pierce as that is the other one mana card which can hit instant and sorceries, though Spell Pierce hits everything but creatures. Does this make Flusterstorm to narrow on the targets it can hit or will it be a big player in Modern?

Force of Negation. Well this card is pretty good and will fit into any blue based deck which is looking to have help vs combo decks or maybe to fit in a control mirror! decks like Storm, Allosaurus or Goryo’s Vengeance combo this kind of goldfishy decks which can win on Turn 1 or 2 really fast and make the matchup unfair might struggle vs card as they look to go off on their own turn as soon as possible! Yes exiling a card from your hand makes it weak of course but its better then just losing the match right?. Note the spell countered does get exiled so Surgical Extraction won’t be able to target it. Force of Negation can’t be cast for alter cost if it is your turn making it kind of awkward if your a combo deck looking to protect yourself on your turn.

The only card that we can compare this to is Commandeer but you have to exile two blue cards from your hand and instead of countering you gain control of the non-creature card.
Force of Negation will see modern play either mainboard or sideboard or both of course!

Depending on the meta we will see if Flusterstorm will appear in every sideboard or we just don’t see it. Same goes with Force of Negation but I have a feeling we will see it!

Thanks for reading!

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