Modern Monday Discussion – Lands are the best cards in Modern Horizons but also the most boring?!

Arran Sahota | 17th June 2019

Well, after a long weekend of drafting… opening your packs and making a 40 card deck which you played a couple of rounds with. You dismantle it all to have a proper look at what you really want from the set and what to do with your unwanted cards. As you look through your rares and you see an Waterlogged Grove which will fit right into your U/G Merfolk deck and you think wow this is best card in the set.

There are five lands which follow the cycle of the card Horizon Canopy which a lot of players saw as an unfair card as G/W decks would be only ones to play it . Note we are still missing four of them so hopeful we shall see them in the future at some point.


If your newer to the game and don’t see why these lands are great I will help to explain. If your playing an agro deck like Burn for example and you have emptied out your hand by turn 3 and then you top deck a land that just sucks. (Burn would probably use Sunbaked Canyon) You will play land for turn and then sac to draw. The downside of course is that you have to pay 1 life to tap for either of the colours but if your opponent is dead doesn’t really matter right!?
Decks that won’t use these will probably be more of the controlling decks as they are more likely to already be drawing cards. Also control decks want to prolong the game so paying 1 life each time will add up over the course of the game.


We also got a reprint from Onsluaght which are the cycle lands, and each colour got one. These might seem really simple and more minor then the Canopy lands but these work in the same way. They do come in tapped but your ability to cycle in late can be game changing. These won’t see much play in an agro style deck but more of a control / midrange deck.
These five lands are very good reprints and I can see these finding a home in modern.


Both of the lands types will work really well with the card Life from the Loam and some special deck could appear… yes I am talking about lands in Modern. Maybe the use of Ayula’s Influence which is from Modern Horizons and start making 2/2 bears with the lands you pick up! (Bears Incoming)

Lands are an important factor of playing magic and that fact we have just got so many utility lands into modern maybe there will be some crazy brews appearing

Thanks for reading!

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