Blue Moon – Madcap Experiment

The deck I play in Modern is Breach Moon / Blue Moon and similar controlling Blue / Red decks. The most recent add to these decks which I have been using in the sideboard is Madcap Experiment with Platinum Emperion which is very useful against fast agro and decks won’t be able to deal with an 8/8 which says ” Your Life Total Can’t Change”.

This sideboard combo came after I kept losing to burn / aggro decks all the time and I needed a way to stop them.

1, How the Combo Works

You have just cast Madcap Experiment to find your Platinum Emperion. Only having Platinum Emperion as the only artifact we can hit means that we won’t die no matter how many cards we begin to reveal. We have revealed 20 card before we hit Platinum Emperion and we place it onto the battlefield meaning now our life total can’t change. We then count up the cards which have been revealed so 21 and we take 21 but our life total can’t change now as Platinum Emperion is on the battlefield. We put other 20 cards to the bottom of the library in a random order.
The Way Madcap Experiment is worded we have to do it all in order of the card to resolve the complete spell.

2, The Match ups

We want to be putting this combo in vs agro decks or combo decks. Typical matchups that I have put this in against are Elves, Dredge, Grixis Death Shadow, Eldrazi Aggro, Zoo, Burn, Huamns, Spirits and Bogles. Decks which won’t have a way to kill if they don’t know it is coming, against Bogles or Spirits they do have Path in main but have a typical tend to trim them down as they think Snapcaster is the only target. Humans do have Reflector Mage and also sometimes bring in something to deal with Moon but I have played this matchup a couple of times and the game goes on so long that your able to hard cast it back on to the battlefield or if they do try to destroy you can bounce and tap their creature with cryptic command.
Decks like Dredge can have natures claim if they think you may bring in Relics or Grafdiggers.

3, Restriction

There are couple of restrictions to having these cards in your sideboard, first, it takes up five slots leaving you with only ten other slots for sideboards cards. Madcap limits what type of cards you have in your sideboard as you can’t have artifacts in the sideboard…or you can but then you can’t use them in the same matchups as you would use Madcap.

4, Conclusion

This little combo has helped me out so much to stop or delay agro / combo decks while I am developing my mana base, while also looking for Through the Breach and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Great sideboard tech with just a couple of Restrictions!.

Decklist :

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